52 Ancestors: #19 Huldah JOHNSON abt. 1818-bet. 1880-1900

52ancestors“The challenge: have one blog post each week devoted to a specific ancestor. It could be a story, a biography, a photograph, an outline of a research problem — anything that focuses on one ancestor.”

This is entry #19 in Amy Johnson Crow’s Challenge: 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks.

52 Ancestors: #19 Huldah JOHNSON abt. 1817-aft. 1880

I can hear her say, “Be sure to spell my name right!” Well Huldah if you’d have left a few more records . . . . at least they got it right on the 1850 to 1880 census.

Huldah as seen on 1850-1880 census.

The second child of Nancy Ann SIMS (1793-aft. 1860) and William JOHNSON Jr. (1793-1845) was born in Kanawha County in Virginia abt. 1817, a year before Nicholas County was created from Kanawha, Greenbrier and Randolph Counties. This child, a daughter, was my 3rd great-grandmother Huldah JOHNSON.

No exact date of birth is known for Huldah. She was seen as age 32, 42, 52, and 63  in the 1850-1880 census – each taken on the 1st of June. If she was born before 30 January 1818, the date of the formation of Nicholas County, then she was born in Kanawha County. However if she was born after this date, Nicholas County would have been her place of birth.

Nancy Ann and William married on 15 October 1814 in Kanawha County, (West) Virginia, and were the parents of 11 children. Huldah’s siblings, three of whom died young, were:

Sib 1: Nelson (1815-1855) b. abt. 1815 md. Elizabeth Hughes 14 Sep 1837
Sib 3: Alexander (1819-1887) b. 10 Jun 1819 md. Isabella Hughes bef. 1850
Sib 4: Mary (1820-1898)  b. 20 Aug 1820 md. David Alexander Miller 13 Dec 1839
Sib 5: John Brown (1823-1902) b. 23 Dec 1823 md. Mary Ann Settle 14 Jul 1846
Sib 6: Amy (1825-1904) b. 4 Nov 1825 md. Charles McClung Huffman in 1849
Sib 7: Lewis (1828-1845) b. 6 Mar 1828
Sib 8: Elizabeth (1829-1833) b. Abt 1829
Sib 9: William Hunter (1832-1899) b. 27 Jul 1832 md. Louisa Lavinia Samuels 26 Oct 1856
Sib 10: Nancy (1835-1915) b. Aug 1835 md. William B. Martin 7 Sep 1853
Sib 11: Morris Houston (1839-1845) b. 21 Jan 1839

William JOHNSON Jr. and his family originally lived at the mouth of Laurel Creek, a tributary of the Gauley River which empties about one mile above Swiss. In 1810 the JOHNSON and SIMS families were neighbors and it is known that James SIMS, father of Nancy Ann SIMS, made his home at Swiss. Huldah’s brother John Brown JOHNSON was born at the mouth of Rich Creek on Gauley in 1823 per the 1911 biography of his son Julian M. Johnson. This would have been in the area of Swiss. Later, most likely after 1823, the JOHNSON family moved to a place on Loop Creek (Loup Creek) in the area of what is known as Robson in present-day Fayette County, West Virginia.

Wikimedia Commons

“Loop Creek flows for its entire length in western Fayette County. It rises in the city of Oak Hill and flows initially west-northwestward through the unincorporated communities of Lick Fork, Wriston, Ingram Branch, and Hamilton; then northward through the unincorporated communities of Kincaid, Page, North Page, and Robson, to Deep Water, where it flows into the Kanawha River.” [Source: Wikipedia]

The 1820 and 1830 census were enumerated in alphabetical order rather than in order of household visitation. This makes it less useful for locating the actual place that the family lived. The pre-1850 census listings will be discussed in William Johnson Jr.’s story at a later date.

The family was in Nicholas County in 1820 and then next seen in Kanawha County in the 1830 census which supports the theory that their move to Loop Creek was in the 1820s, most likely between 1824-1830. Robson is 10 miles south of present-day Gauley Bridge. Fayette County was created on 28 February 1831 from parts of Greenbrier, Kanawha, Nicholas, and Logan counties. From then on Huldah’s siblings were born on Loop Creek in Fayette County where they were seen in the 1840 census.

Huldah JOHNSON met Robert INGRAM (1819-1902) who also lived on Loop Creek at Ingram Branch about 5 miles from Robson. Both were living at home with their respective parents per the 1840 census listings. They married after the enumeration and before the birth of their first son Vincent about 1841. Geraldine Dempsey Workman, who did much of the early work on our families, wrote, “Robert and Hulda’s (sic) marriage record cannot be found since pages are missing from the Marriage book at the courthouse.” Death records of their children Mary Elizabeth (Ingram) BLAKE and Richard Edward INGRAM list the mother as Hulda (sic, Huldah) Johnson.

I’m sorry Huldah but it looks like your descendants dropped an h off of your name.

Huldah’s father William JOHNSON Jr. died on 18 December 1845 on Loop Creek in Fayette County, (West) Virginia. Following his death, her mother Nancy moved to the Sissonville area of Kanawha County with Huldah’s siblings Alexander, William, and Nancy.

Following the birth of Vincent abt. 1841, Huldah and Robert had two more sons before the 1850 census. Irvin Lewis was born abt. 1846 and William Preston was born abt. 1847 on Ingram Branch of Loop Creek.

1850 U.S. Federal Census > WV > Fayette > Sheet 365B [online https://archive.org/stream/populationschedu0943unix#page/n334/mode/1up : accessed 3 March 2014]
1850 U.S. Federal Census > WV > Fayette > Sheet 366A [online https://archive.org/stream/populationschedu0943unix#page/n335/mode/1up : accessed 3 March 2014]
Three daughters were born in the 1850s: Amy b. abt. 1852, Nancy Margaret b. 15 January 1853 and Mary Elizabeth b. 26 October 1855.

1860 U.S. Federal Census > WV > Fayette > Page 45 > Sheet 355 [online https://archive.org/stream/populationschedu1344unix#page/n341/mode/1up : accessed 3 March 2014]
Note: Amanda Blake seen with the Ingram family was the daughter of John Blake and Malinda Johnson. Malinda has been seen as the daughter of Israel Johnson, however, I believe that this may not be the case. Israel Johnson’s last will and testament written 24 October 1850, proven March 1852, does not mention Malinda. Further research to determine the relationship between Amanda Blake and the Ingram and/or Johnson family is planned.

Huldah’s oldest son Vincent gave evidence on 28 May 1862 about an event that took place in the fall of 1861. This is the last mention of this child and it is believed that he died between 1862-1870.

Huldah’s mother Nancy Ann SIMS died sometime after the 1860 census was enumerated. She was last seen in Sissonville District of Kanawha County in the household of her son William Hunter JOHNSON.

Richard Edward, Huldah’s youngest son, was born during the Civil War in March 1862 at Ingram Branch.

Two of Huldah’s’s children married in the late 1860s in Fayette County. Irvin Lewis married Mary M. DEMPSEY (1845-1888) on 23 May 1867. William Preston married Minerva LIGHT (1849-1920) on 8 April 1869.

1870 U.S. Federal Census > WV > Fayette > Falls of Kanawha >Page No. 2, Sheet 95B > HH #13-13 [https://archive.org/stream/populationschedu1686unit#page/n192/mode/1up : accessed 5 May 2014]
Two of Huldah’s daughters married in Fayette County the 1870s. Nancy Margaret “Maggie” married Marion L. BOWLING (1836-1900) on 2 February 1872 and Mary Elizabeth married Martin Van Buren BLAKE (1846-aft. 1900) on 22 Oct 1874.

1880 U.S. Federal Census > WV > Fayette > Kanawha > ED 28, Sheet 59D > HH #329-330 [https://archive.org/stream/populationsc18801402unit#page/n121/mode/1up : accessed 6 May 2014]
Huldah JOHNSON died sometime after the 1880 and before the 1900 census. She may have lived to see her youngest son Richard marry first in 1883 and second in 1888. It is my belief that she was not living when her daughter Amy finally married in 1895 at the age of 45.

Huldah was buried in a cemetery at the mouth of the Ingram Branch of Loop Creek, Fayette County, West Virginia, according to Luella Loving Lowther.

This entry is especially for Luella who first introduced me to this branch of the family. She is a very dear friend, 3rd cousin once removed, and a great-granddaughter of Huldah’s son William Preston INGRAM. William and his wife Minerva LIGHT named their daughter after Huldah JOHNSON in December 1880. Only they spelled her name without an H at the end. I wonder if my Huldah was still living when Luella’s grandmother Hulda Margaret INGRAM was named after her.

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Author: Cathy Meder-Dempsey

When I’m not doing genealogy and blogging, I spend time riding my racing bike with my husband through the wonderful Luxembourg countryside.

5 thoughts on “52 Ancestors: #19 Huldah JOHNSON abt. 1818-bet. 1880-1900”

  1. Cathy, nice post. I know how you feel about the lack of records for some ancestors! It’s really frustrating. One of the worst things is the lack of a 1890 census! That 20 year hole in what is sometimes the only source of records is really awful. Luckily some states have a state census that partially fills in.

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    1. Thank you Larry! What is most frustrating is that I know that it could have been done better. For my maternal line (completely European) I can find birth, marriage and death records without any problem as Luxembourg, France, Germany and Belgium have records going back to before the American Independence.


  2. Hi, I stumbled on your blog site and was fascinated to read about William Johnson. I am new to this but I am the grandson of warren Johnson, the great grandson of Conklin Johnson, and the great great grandson of Adam Johnson. I also believe that I am the great x’s four of John Brown Johnson but cant be sure. Thanks for all your hard work.

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    1. Hello Daniel, thank you for stopping by and leaving the comment! I’ll send you an email later today so we can compare notes. I have Conklin Hoy Johnson in my database. Between his father Adam and John Brown Johnson is Adam’s father and John B.’s son Harrison. You’re welcome.


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