52 Ancestors: #47 Johnny CASH’s 1C5R – Kesiah LIVELY

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#47 Johnny CASH’s 1C5R – Kesiah LIVELY

An interesting tidbit for cousins who like to find royalty and celebrities in their family tree: My 4th great-grandmother Kesiah LIVELY’s maternal grandparents, Robert Howard CASH and Ruth Walker EPPINGTON, were the 5th great-grandparents of “one of the most influential American musicians of the 20th century,”1 John R. “Johnny” CASH.

Johnny Cash was an amateur genealogist. His interest was piqued by a chance encounter with Major Michael Crichton-Stuart on a transatlantic flight in the 1970s. The then Hereditary Keeper of Falkland Palace in Fife explained how abundant the CASH name was in Fife. Johnny Cash visited the Major several times in Scotland to fill in the gaps in his paternal CASH family tree which goes back to the 11th century.2

Clipped from “Virginia 1751 Map” drawn by Joshua Fry and Peter Jefferson in 1751, United States Digital Map Library, a USGenWeb Archives project, online http://usgwarchives.net/maps/virginia/statemap/1751virginia.jpg : accessed 23 Nov 2014

My 4th great-grandmother Kesiah LIVELY was Johnny CASH’s 1C5R (first cousin five times removed).

Joseph LIVELY and Mary L. CASH

Kesiah was the youngest child of Joseph LIVELY (1735-1793) and Mary L. CASH (1740-1793). Both her parents were likely born in Goochland County, Virginia. Many family trees have Albemarle as the place of birth, however, if we consult the formation of the Virginia counties, Albemarle was formed from Goochland but not until 1744.

Mary and Joseph’s teen and early adult years were during the French and Indian War (28 May 1754-10 February 1763). They married before 1761, the year Amherst County was formed from Albemarle. If a marriage record ever existed in Albemarle County it was most likely destroyed. All order books except the first and many loose papers for the years 1748 to 1781 were destroyed during the British general Banastre Tarleton’s raid on Charlottesville in 1781 during the Revolutionary War.3

Tax and Land Records

1782 Personal Property Tax List of Amherst County, Virginia, page 8.
1782 Personal Property Tax List of Amherst County, Virginia, page 6.

In 1782, when the first personal property tax lists were taken in Virginia, Joseph LIVELY and his oldest son Joseph were both on the list. They were not listed as Sr. and Jr. The first listing above would be for Joseph Sr. with 1 tithable, 1 slave, 27 cattle, and 12 horses. His son Joseph Jr. had 3 cattle and 2 horses.4,5 In the years after, from 1783 to 1793, when Joseph and Mary’s sons turned 16 but not yet 21 years of age, they were seen in Joseph’s tax assessment. Below, in 1790 Robert, Benjamin, and John were seen with Joseph.6 His oldest son was seen as Joseph Jr.7

1790 Personal Property Tax List for Amherst County, Virginia, page 18.
1790 Personal Property Tax List for Amherst County, Virginia, page 17.

Note (5 Nov 2022): The Personal Property Tax Lists were originally found on BinnsGenealogy. The owner of the website, Stephen Binns passed away in June 2020. Only selected years of tax lists were free on the site and have since been removed. The good news is that the tax lists for the years from 1782 until 1851 for Amherst can be found in FamilySearch‘s catalog: Personal property tax lists, 1782-1851 for Amherst County, Virginia.

Joseph paid taxes on land in Amherst County according to research done by John F. Vallentine, author of Livelys of America, 1690-1968.8 The land tax records for Amherst are not available to the public on FamilySearch at this time. Vallentine notes that Joseph paid taxes on three tracts of land, two tracts of 400 acres and a tract of 398 acres. Land deeds are available to back this up.

On 4 August 1777, Joseph bought 400 acres of land on Thesher’s Creek from Wiatt and Sarah POWELL.9 Joseph and his wife Mary deeded the same land to Robert CASH on 5 March 1780.10

Joseph LIVELY was granted 400 acres on both sides of Dutch Creek in Amherst County on 1 September 1782.11 He and his wife Mary sold it to William CABELL on 1 January 1787.12

Joseph died in 1793 and did not leave a will. The letters of administration were granted to his son Mark LIVELY on 22 October 1793. John Hill and William Hill were his bondsmen.13 An inventory of the estate of Joseph Lively was presented on 16 December 1793 by Mark. It included “an old negro woman Sarah, a negro woman Betty, and a negro boy George” as well as livestock and household goods.14 The estate sale was held about 23 November 1793 per the account given on 19 August 1797 by Mark LIVELY and ordered to be recorded on 16 October 1797.15

As seen earlier, Joseph also owned land. The two tracts of 400 acres were acquired and subsequently sold leaving only the 398 acres. There is no entry in the index of deeds for the acquisition of the land and no land grant was found in Joseph’s name. A record of the final partition of Joseph LIVELY’s 398 acres of land located on Pucker’s Creek and Babb’s Creek was not found in the probate records. After his death, the land was divided into 9 tracts of circa 44 acres as can be seen by land sales recorded in Amherst County deeds. Eight of Joseph’s heirs were identified by these.

Kesiah’s Siblings

The eight identified heirs of Joseph LIVELY mentioned above were all born before the American Revolutionary War (19 Apr 1775- 14 Jan 1784).

◉ Sib 1: Joseph LIVELY Jr. (1761-1838) was born on 16 June 1761 in Amherst County, Virginia. He married Sarah “Sally” TILLER on 4 November 1784 in Amherst County.16 Joseph died on 11 May 1838.

◉ Sib 2: Nancy LIVELY (1772- ) was born about 1763 in Amherst County, Virginia. Nancy Lively married Peter JOHNSON on 5 April 1784 in Amherst County, Virginia.17 This marriage was incorrectly listed in a compilation of marriages in Amherst as 1794 instead of 1784. Nancy’s estimated year of birth given in Vallentine’s Livelys of America, 1690-1968, about 1772, was calculated from the erroneous date of marriage. It has to be corrected to reflect an age at marriage of 21 years.

◉ Sib 3: John LIVELY (1764- ) was born about 1764 in Amherst County, Virginia. He was on the Amherst tax lists in 1790 with his father. John married Clara CARNALL on 19 August 1794 in Amherst County.18

◉ Sib 4: Mark LIVELY (1766-1857) was born on 11 January 1766 in Amherst County, Virginia. He married Mary HILL on 30 November 1791 in Amherst County.19 He was on the 1799 Amherst tax list. He died on 23 November 1857 in Taylor County, Kentucky.

◉ Sib 5: Robert Cash LIVELY (1768- ) was born about 1768 in Amherst County, Virginia. He was on the Amherst tax lists in 1790 with his father. He married Elizabeth BETHEL on 20 August 1793 in Amherst County.20

◉ Sib 6: Ruth LIVELY (1770-aft. 1850) was born about 1770 in Amherst County, Virginia. She married William GRIFFIN on 17 June 1793 in Amherst County.21

◉ Sib 7: Benjamin LIVELY (1762-1797) was born about 1772 in Amherst County, Virginia. In 1793 he was still listed with his father on the PPT list, therefore still under 21 years of age and the youngest son. No trace has been found after 1797.

◉ Kesiah LIVELY was born about 1774 in Amherst County, Virginia.

The estimates for the years of birth of the LIVELY children are from Vallentine’s Livelys of America, 1690-1968 with the exception of Nancy and Benjamin. Their estimates have been corrected and are supported by the records mentioned.

Kesiah’s father Joseph LIVELY died before 22 October 1793 in Amherst County. At the time of Joseph’s death Kesiah, Benjamin, and John were not yet married.

Kesiah LIVELY and Zachariah PETERS marry

A little over a year after Joseph LIVELY’s death his youngest daughter Kesiah LIVELY was married to Zachariah PETERS by Rev. Ezekiel Campbell on 18 November 1794 in Amherst County.22

Kesiah gave birth to her first child, my 3rd great-grandfather, Jordan N. PETERS (1796-1890) on 10 October 1796 in Amherst County.23 A month later she and her husband Zachariah sold her share of her father’s estate, 1/9th of the 398 acres he left.24

Before leaving Amherst County for Franklin County, Kesiah and Zachariah had two daughters and another son. The names are only known for Mary and William. The older daughter’s name remains unknown.

From Amherst to Franklin

The move to Franklin County occurred after Zachariah was seen on the 1804 Amherst tax list.25 Kesiah then gave birth to Betsy about 1805 and Lucy about 1807. She also had two sons, one born between 1801-1810 whose identity is not known, and the other being Willis born on 23 April 1808. Note: The unknown son may fit in between William b. abt. 1798 and Betsy b. abt. 1805.

After the enumeration of the 1810 census, Kesiah had four more children: Joseph born 10 December 1810, a male born between 1811-1815, and her youngest two daughters, Nancy born about 1812 and Susan born about 1815.

The children begin to marry

Following the birth of her last child, Kesiah’s brood of a dozen children shrank as the oldest children began to marry. She saw the following six marry before the 1830 census.

◉ Jordan N. PETERS married Mary “Polly” TROUP (1799-1837) on 6 October 1817 in Franklin County. Surety Jacob TROUP. Daughter of Henry and Dorothy.26

◉ William PETERS married Alice “Alla” TROUP (1795-1841) on 12 December 1818 in Franklin County. Surety Jacob TROUP.27

◉ Mary PETERS married Samuel SMITH (1800-1884) on 18 December 1823 in Franklin County. Surety Wm. PETERS.28

◉ Elizabeth “Betsy” PETERS married Jesse EDWARDS (1803-1870) on 17 June 1826 in Franklin County. Surety Zachariah PETERS.29

◉ Lucy PETERS married Joseph JARRELL (1807- ) on 4 October 1827 in Franklin County. Surety Zachariah PETERS.30

◉ Willis PETERS married Ruth SMITH (1809-1884) on 21 March 1829 in Franklin County. Surety Samuel GRIMMETT.31

Soon after the 1830 census, their youngest son, named after his maternal grandfather, married.

◉ Joseph PETERS married Martha “Patsy” SMITH (1811-1888) on 1 September 1830. Surety John Powers.32

In the second half of the 1830s, three more marriages took place. The oldest son Jordan was widowed and married for a second time. The two youngest daughters married in 1836 and 1839. Their marriage documents show that their mother Kesiah was still living as she gave her permission for both marriages.

◉ Nancy PETERS married Reuben COOPER on 2 December 1836. Her mother Kesiah gave her permission to the marriage on 1 December 1836.33

◉ Jordan N. PETERS married(2) Sarah COX ( -1841) 15 August 1837 in Franklin County.34

◉ Susan PETERS married Andrew REEL (1813-1870) 16 October 1839 in Franklin County. Surety Wm. Dixon.35

Kesiah is widowed

Kesiah LIVELY’s spouse Zachariah PETERS likely died between 1830-1840 in Franklin County, Virginia, as neither of them is named in the 1840 census. Zachariah was last seen on a personal property tax list in 1830.

As Kesiah gave permission for her daughters to marry, it can be assumed that Zachariah, if he had been exempt from tax due to old age, may have died before the first marriage that Kesiah gave permission for in 1836. No older woman was found in the households found for the children in 1840. Two more marriages took place after the 1840 census.

◉ William PETERS married(2) Lydia KEMPLIN (1821-1866) on 27 March 1841 in Franklin County.36

◉ Jordan N. PETERS married(3) Rachel PROFFITT (1817-1899) on 8 December 1841 in Franklin County.37

Kesiah passed away after 16 October 1839 and possibly before the 1840 census or these last two marriages in 1841.

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  1. Great Post! You and I are also related. Robert Howard Cash is my 7th great grand father. Stephen Cash, his son, is my line. I did not have the information you posted about Mary. Nicely done and I love the footnotes. Thanks for posting!


    1. Hello cousin! Thank you Anne for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’m still learning how to do footnotes. It’s not always easy. 52 Ancestors is coming to an end but some of my cousins want me to do the next generation so I may be doing something on Mary next year.

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  2. Cathy, I’ve spent several hours this Christmas Day, 2014, reading this blog. I’m very impressed with your organization of information. Your work is as formal as a College Freshman English reference paper, in 1955, at least.

    I’m a big fan of Marguerite Tise who published a book, “The Lester Family”. The book was formatted very well with a table of contents that included every person mentioned. The amazing thing is that she did it on a typewriter. So, she had to precisely tab and number each person entered and remember to include the persons entered in the Index with proper page number. She included personal information as available for each person, and the book is 226 pages of 8-1/2 x 11 sheets…and enormous work

    You have the advantage of being computer capable. Marguerite was not. She died at 89 in 2002 and never acquired computer skills. But, you both are careful researchers. I can tell that you are by reading this blog today. It would have been easy for you to “adopt” John Peters as Zachariah’s father, especially as a professional researcher had paved the way. Marguerite opened many doors with her research but also closed some that had been the pathway to DAR membership for some of my Lester relatives.

    Many that publish genealogy information to the Internet simply adopt other’s work, and embellish. But, you and Marguerite are/were conscientious researchers. I have confidence in your work.

    I thank you for revealing my oldest “proven” ancestors: Joseph Lively and Mary L. Cash.

    Jerry C. Lester


    1. Jerry, thank you for spending so many hours of your Christmas Day reading my blog. I appreciate your praise. I think my writing may sound “formal” as I don’t have the advantage of being able to speak and listen to English since I live overseas.
      I have a paper copy and two digital copies of Marguerite Tise’s book. It was very helpful in my early years of research. Today I try to make the connection and then look at published or online family trees to see if I am getting it right or if I have made a discover that others have overlooked.
      Best wishes,


  3. Very informative. My six times great grandmother is Mary Ann Cash daughter of Robert Howard Cash 4 x great grandfather of John R. Cash (Johnny Cash). I would love to find more information on Mary Ann Cash she married John Camden. I live in Bedford County Virginia a county away from Amherst County, VA.
    I would appreciate any other emails and input.


    1. Thank you Victoria for leaving a comment. I haven’t done collateral research on the Cash line. I have the names of Robert Howard Cash’s children from his will but have not followed each child. I’ll send you an email to get us started on sharing.


  4. Hi, I have been reading your blog and love the work you have put into it thank you for all the information it helps a lot.Robert Howard Cash is my 8th great grandfather and i’m trying to figure out how that makes me related to Johnny Cash, I’m not good at that part however I will figure it out. I’m doing all of my family tree for my kids and grand babies because I never really had much of a family growing up,So i feel this is very important and exciting for them to know where they come from.Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

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