Unpacking the Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can Collection

Have you been following my series of posts on the Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can?

Thursday evening one of my Facebook friends commented on my latest post asking if I thought they had really been retrieved. The answer, as of Wednesday, is definitely YES! They are now ALL in my possession.

Several months after these precious photographs were nearly destroyed a second time due to a fire in a downstairs neighbor’s home, my cousin Joe, after not finding anyone in his area who wanted them, decided to pack them up and mail the entire collection to me. Thank you Joe.

The package I received this past Wednesday
Partly unpacked content
Dear Cathy! Please enjoy! Cousin Joe
The largest photographs from the package
The postcard size photographs….
Another stack included large,…
…and medium to small photographs.
Tintype (middle), penny pictures (top), and WWII period prints (left and below)
A family group photograph on glass (lower right)

© 2015 Cathy Meder-Dempsey


Author: Cathy Meder-Dempsey

When I’m not doing genealogy and blogging, I spend time riding my racing bike with my husband through the wonderful Luxembourg countryside.

6 thoughts on “Unpacking the Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can Collection”

  1. Cathy…I so enjoy reading your posts and your blogs!!! Just went through a similar experience when my cousin Celeste came for a visit and brought her mother’s scrap books, photo albums, and a HUGE tub of loose pictures. What a fantastic weekend we had sorting, laughing, and loving each and every minute. So many photo’s still unidentified, but now we can scan them and send the scans out and hopefully get some answers!!! So many more “surprises” with pictures of our grandparents and great grandparents that us “kids” had not seen before. Have been busy now scanning and we’ll be sharing them all with all of our cousins and their families now…and as you said…”Old Photographs Saved From the Trash Can” are now retrieved, preserved, and available to the families and families to come!!! Thanks again…continue to follow you…have learned so much and appreciate all your help in the past!!!


  2. I find it so sad when I find piles of unwanted photos at flea markets! I often stop and look through, looking for names, always in hopes of finding one of my surnames. Mystery gave been fun looking through all of them. Hopefully you’ll be able to place them back with their families one day. It’s like they have been waiting all this time to go home to their family. I look forward in following them.

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  3. Not a photograph…but my Uncle Micky (Lawrence Elwood Marlett) Marlett’s dogtags arrived by mail today from another Genealogy Friend who found them in Alabama of all places!!! How those dogtags from Kansas ended up in Alabama is a story that will probably never be revealed…but the fact that they arrived in my mailbox today is a miracle and a blessing for which I am so grateful!!! It is such a blessing that I was introduced to Find-A-Grave so many years ago by a distant cousin (who I still have not met in person…but have maintained a relationship with over these past 10+ years through the internet)…and it was my Uncle’s memorial on FAG that led this wonderful, un-related genealogy friend to me and now Uncle Micky’s dogtags will be able to find their home back with his grandchildren!!! Another treasure saved from the Trash Can!!!

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