52 Ancestors: #43 The WEIMANN-WELTER Family of Ernzen

Week 43 (October 22-28) – Oops. An ancestor who made an “oops,” or one that you made while researching one of them. (We’ve all done it, believe me!)

ernzen1Ernzen, Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Hubert WEIMANN of Ernzen

My third great-grandfather Hubert WEIMANN (1805-1872) was born on 13 July 1805 in Ernzen, Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.[1], [2] His parents were Bernard WEYMANN (1763-1809) and Susanna MALAMBRE (1772-1848), both of Ernzen. Hubert had two sisters, Anna Maria born 28 January 1796[2] and Elisabeth born on 20 August 1807,[2] both in Ernzen. Elisabeth was born seven months after the death of her father Bernard WEYMANN who died on 2 January 1807[2] in Ernzen. His widow Susanna remarried on 13 February 1809[3] to Matthias WELTER (1772-1830). They had four children, only one lived to adulthood and married.[3]

Elisabeth WELTER of Ernzen

Elisabeth WELTER, my third great-grandmother, was born on 31 January 1807[1], [4] in Ernzen. She was the daughter of Anton WELTER (1773-1849) born on Ernzerhof near Ernzen and Anne Catherine HENNES (1779-1845) born in Holsthum. They were married on 23 March 1803[4] in Ernzen. This was just before the beginning of the Napoleonic Wars (18 May 1803- 13 Sep 1815) during which time their first four of six children were born (§ denotes end of line):

  • Child 1: Bernard WELTER (1805-1855) born in 1805. He married Katharina WEBER (1795-1875) on 2 April 1837 in Aach in the Eifel. Bernard died on 1 February 1855 in Ernzen.[4], [5]
  • Child 2: Elisabeth WELTER (1807-1877), my third great-grandmother
  • § Child 3: Katharina WELTER (1810-1812) born 21 July 1810 in Ernzen. She died 5 December 1812 in Ernzen.[4]
  • § Child 4: Peter WELTER (1814-1815) born 4 April 1814 in Ernzen. He died 6 February 1815 in Ernzen.[4]
  • § Child 5: Peter WELTER (1817-1819) born 10 August 1817 in Ernzen. He died 12 May 1819 in Ernzen.[4]
  • Child 6: Anna Maria WELTER (1822-1861) born 3 April 1822 in Ernzen. She made her First Communion in 1834. Anna Maria married Peter STEIL 18 February 1846 in Ernzen. She died on 9 January 1861 in Ernzen where she was buried two days later.[4], [6]

A Marriage Takes Place in Sankt Markus Catholic Church

Hubert WEIMANN married Elisabeth WELTER on 11 February 1835[1] in Ernzen. A religious marriage ceremony took place the next day on 12 February 1835[1] in Sankt Markus Catholic Church in Ernzen. Peter LINKELS who was at Sankt Markus from 1806-1835 most likely performed the ceremony.

Ernzenchurch tinySankt Markus Catholic Church in Ernzen

As mentioned earlier Hubert’s mother Susanna MALAMBRE was married(2) to Matthias WELTER. Susanna and Mathias’ children, Hubert’s half-siblings, were his wife Elisabeth’s second cousins. Matthias and Elisabeth were first cousins once removed. Confused? I love looking at the bigger picture!

A New Priest for Sankt Markus

Richard Schaffner’s Familienbuch der Pfarrei St. Marcus Ernzen bei Irrel as well as FamilySearch‘s Germany Births and Baptisms, 1558-1898 (index) have helped to add dates and places to this family’s story. Mr. Schaffner viewed the civil and religious records while compiling the information on all families of Ernzen however neither his book nor FamilySearch‘s database have images of the records. To make up for the missing records my photographer-husband and I visited Ernzen earlier this month to illustrate the stories with photos of the town today.

When I wrote this post a key figure in the lives of the family was missing (oops) but I did not know this until I took a very close look at the photos we took that day. On the side and behind the Sankt Markus church is the cemetery. Graves with the surnames WEIMANN, MALAMBRE, and WELTER were seen in the cemetery. Behind the church we found a plot reserved for the the priests who had served Sankt Markus.

ernzenpriests1 tinyOn the left the parrish priests of Ernzen are listed with the years they served at Sankt Markus (1803-2001). The priests are included in Mr. Schaffner’s Family Book of Ernzen. They were an important part of families’ lives and I did not think to look for them in the compilation. Oops, a mistake I will have to remedy when I work on families in other towns with family books.

Ernzenpriests2 tinyPhilipp MEYER was born 9 November 1804 in Heispelt. He became a priest on 28 May 1831 in Trier, was chaplain in Daun before becoming the new pastor in Ernzen from 29 September 1835 until his death on 10 June 1868. He was buried in the church cemetery on 13 June 1868.[7] The grave is marked with this stone.

ernzenpriests3 tinyHere lie the bones of the deceased
Pastor MEYER
from Ernzen. Died on 10 June 1868 aged 64 years. Born in
Heispelt in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in 1804. He joined the
pastors of the parrish of Ernzen and tended his sheep for nearly 33 years.
He was a good shepherd and a good shepherd gives his life for his flock
which he did for that he will hopefully receive the crown of eternal life.


Father MEYER was the priest who performed baptisms, marriages, and burials for the WEIMANN-WELTER family from 1835 to 1868.

Hubert and Elisabeth’s Children

Hubert and Elisabeth’s first child came along a little over nine months after their marriage. Bernard was born and baptized on 30 November 1835[1], [8] in Sankt Markus. His godparents were his uncle Bernard RAUSCH, husband of the father’s sister, and his maternal grandmother Katharina HENNES, both of Ernzen.[1] Custom was for a male child to have the godfather’s name. I wonder if they may have chosen Bernard RAUSCH as the godfather in honor of the paternal grandfather. Baby Bernard died less than a month later, on the day after Christmas.

Their second child was born on 2 January 1837[1] and was baptized a day later in Sankt Markus.[9] His godparents were his uncle Bernard WELTER and Katharina CLASEN of Ernzen.[1] The child was given the name Bernard. Given the godfather’s name but did his parents want him to carry the name of his paternal grandfather and/or his deceased older brother?

Hubert and Elisabeth’s third child was a daughter, my 2nd great-grandmother. She was born on 18 June 1839[1], [10][11] and was baptized the next day in Sankt Markus.[12] Her godparents were Maria WELTER and Anton PROMMENSCHENKEL of Ernzen.[1]

Johann the fourth child was born and baptized on 1 August 1841.[1][13] The godparents who stood up for him in Sankt Markus were Johann HEINZ and Magdalena WELTER of Ernzen.[1]

Bernard, the oldest of the three living children died on 28 July 1842 and was buried two days later in Ernzen.[1]

Two years later Elisabeth gave birth to her 5th child Katharina on 28 June 1844[1] in Ernzen. Katharina was baptized the next day[14] in Sankt Markus in the presence of her godparents Katharina CLASSEN and Johann RAUSCH of Ernzen.[1]

Elizabeth’s mother Anne Catherine HENNES died on 9 March 1845 in Ernzen and was buried there two days later on 11 March 1845.[4]

Hubert and Elisabeth did not give up hope of having a son name Bernard. On 23 May 1847[1] their third son and sixth child was born in Ernzen. Two days later[15] he was baptized in Sankt Markus and was given the name Bernard. His godparents were Bernard and Katharina CLASSEN of Ernzen.

Five months later their two youngest children died. Katharina died on 31 October 1847 and was buried on 2 November.[1] Three days later baby Bernard died on 5 November and was buried on 7 November.[1]

Maria, 9 years old, and Johann, 7 years old, did not remain the only children as their mother Elisabeth gave birth to a seventh child. After losing three sons named Bernard they must have decided to choose another name for their son born on 29 October 1848[1] and baptized the next day[16] in Sankt Markus. His godparents were Peter STEIL and Elisabeth HENNES of Ernzen and he was given the name Peter.[1]

About a week later the family was back in church for a funeral. Hubert’s mother Susanna MALAMBRE died on 5 December 1848 and was buried two days later on 7 December 1848.[2], [3]

Two months later another funeral was being held in Sankt Markus. Elisabeth’s father Anton WELTER died on 26 January 1849 in Ernzen and was buried there two days later on 28 January 1849.[4]

The Grown Children Begin to Marry

Following the deaths of the grandparents the WEIMANN children, Maria, Johann and Peter continued to grow to adulthood. The oldest, Maria, was the first to marry on Thursday, 25 January 1866[10][11] to Bernard WILDINGER. Isn’t it strange she would choose a man with the name her parents had given to three sons who died young? Maria and Bernard were married in a religious ceremony over a week later on Saturday, 3 February 1866 in Sankt Markus Catholic Church.[17]

Maria and Bernard gave Hubert and Elisabeth their first grandchild on 23 December 1866.[10][11] He was baptized in Sankt Markus the day after Christmas. His godparents were his maternal grandfather Hubert WEIMANN of Ernzen and his paternal grandmother Catherine SCHRAMEN of Ferschweiler. Sadly Hubert died at the age of nine months on 20 September 1867.

The oldest son of Hubert and Elizabeth WEIMANN, Johann married Maria REUTER (1839-1907) on 27 November 1867[13] in a civil ceremony in Bollendorf. The marriage was also celebrated in a religious ceremony on 30 November 1867 in Sankt Markus Catholic Church in Ernzen.[18]

On 10 June 1868[7] Father MEYER who had served the WEIMANN family and the parrish of Ernzen died. He was replaced by Father Eduard WITTUS on 15 September 1868.

On 29 October 1872[1] Hubert WEIMANN died at the age of 67 years in Ernzen where he was born, grew up and raised his family. Father Eduard WITTUS who came to pastor at Sankt Markus after the death of Father MEYER may have been the priest who said mass for Hubert’s burial.

A year after Hubert’s death his youngest son Peter married Katharina HANSEN (1848-1914) on Tuesday, 23 September 1873[19] in a civil ceremony in Bollendorf. They were married in a religious ceremony in Sankt Markus on Monday, 29 September 1873.[20]

The mother of this family, Elisabeth WELTER died on Monday, 24 September 1877 in Ernzen and was buried there three days later on Thursday, 27 September 1877.[1]

Hubert and Elisabeth’s children raised their families in Ernzen. They witnessed the beginning of World War I. Peter, the youngest of the three, died on 27 November 1914[19] and was followed less than a year later by his sister Maria on 2 September 1915.[10][11] Johann, the last living child, died a little over a year after the end of the Great War on 3 December 1919.[13]

Take a Walk Through Ernzen


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Genealogy Sketch

Name: Hubert WEIMANN
Parents: Bernard WEYMANN and Susanna MALAMBRE
Spouse: Elisabeth WELTER
Parents of the Spouse: Anton WELTER and Anne Catherine HENNES
Whereabouts: Ernzen, Germany
Relationship to Cathy Meder-Dempsey: 3rd great-grandfather

1. Hubert WEIMANN
2. Maria WEIMANN
3. Johann “Jean” WILDINGER
4. Nicolas WILDINGER
6. Cathy Meder-Dempsey

© 2015 Cathy Meder-Dempsey

52ancestors-2015This is my weekly entry for Amy Johnson Crow’s challenge:
52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – 2015 Edition. It was so successful in 2014 that genealogists wanted to continue or join in on the fun in 2015. Be sure to check out the other great posts by visiting Amy’s blog No Story Too Small where she’ll be posting the weekly recap on Thurdays and allowing all participants to leave a link to their post(s) in the comments.

Author: Cathy Meder-Dempsey

When I’m not doing genealogy and blogging, I spend time riding my racing bike with my husband through the wonderful Luxembourg countryside.

16 thoughts on “52 Ancestors: #43 The WEIMANN-WELTER Family of Ernzen”

  1. Ernzen looks so beautiful—I would LOVE to take a walk there. Thank you for sharing the beauty of that country side along with the stories of your family. I enjoyed your interview on May I Introduce to You today and just had to take a look at your blog. You have a beautiful, well researched blog, just as Wendy said.

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  2. Hello Cathy

    Very cool that your blog!

    Descupe me by text, do not speak English or German, I’m using google translator’s ok!
    I identified a lot with this his work because my great-grandparents are born and baptized in Ernzen in the same epoch and church.
    With the help of a friend in Ernzen I got after 150 years to find the city of origin of my great-grandparents who migrated to Brazil in 1862.

    Today whenever I can take a peek at Ernzen site to search for photos and post new ones.

    Without even have never gone to Europe I feel a citizen of Ernzen!

    To obtain the best pesquizar my great-grandfather’s Mathias Kapp

    Once again congratulations for the work and all the best for u and your family ok

    Miguel Kapp

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    1. Hello Miguel,
      Thank you so much for posting a comment. I looked up your family in the Ernzen family book. Since I usually only look at my own families I did not know families from Ernzen went to Brazil in the 1860s.
      Regards to you and your family.
      Best wishes,


      1. Hello Cathy!

        Very nice to know who lived in the same epoch in a acity with 500/600 inhabitants.
        It is not hard to believe that at some point in history our ancestors at least be welcomed or even frequented the same places.
        I was very happy indeed! Thanks


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      2. If either of us digs deeper we may find some kind of connection between your KAPP line and my WEYMANN, MALAMBRE, WELTER, HUSS and HENNES lines from Ernzen. My great-grandfather, who descended from all of these, came to Luxembourg in July 1914 so my roots in Ernzen are very deep.
        Best wishes,


  3. That’s true!

    Even with my limitations in the use of the language will keep searching.

    I took the opportunity to give traveled on his blog and was very impressed with the beautiful content and interactivity of people touched by the same feeling of knowing where we came from, who we are and what we want to be!

    Again congratulations and long life to you!


    1. Thank you so much Miguel for your comment about my content and the interactivity “of people touched by the same feeling of knowing where we came from, who we are and what we want to be!” What a wonderful way to express what genealogy is. Your limitations in the use of English are not that limited.


  4. Hallo Cathy … Ich mache eine Familie suchen und vielleicht haben Sie einige Daten, die mir helfen kann. Ich weiß, dass unsere Verwandten durch Bernhard Welter im Jahre 1759 in Ernzen Bezirk dde Trie und Maria Malambre deren Ehe geboren sind wahrscheinlich fand in 1799, wurden ihre Kinder geboren in 1800.09.03 Bernhard Wilhelm em1805 und Nikolaus im Jahre 1809 .. Bernhard Sohn kam mara Südamerika, Brasilien im Jahr 1848, so dass Lupperseifen Eifel. Ich bin auf der Suche zu wissen, ob diese Daten korrekt sind. und möglich, bei dem Schiff verließ sie Deutschland. Ich schätze jede mögliche Hilfe

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  5. Hallo Cathy!

    In Ordnung mit Ihnen!
    Ich beobachte immer! Und es scheint mir, dass Brasilien beginnt Teil Ihrer Blog zu sein! Ich bin sehr zufrieden damit!

    Als er an Frau Marilu Mitglieder seiner Familie schrieb wanderte 1850 nach Brasilien.

    Heute wird geschätzt, dass fünf Prozent der brasilianischen Bevölkerung deutscher Abstammung hat!
    Obwohl wir finden die Deutschen in allen 26 brasilianischen Bundesstaaten in fünf Fokus der deutschen Kolonie!

    Wenn ich helfen kann, werde ich glücklich sein, hier ihre Nachkommen zu finden ok

    Große Umarmung!

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      1. I is that I feel flattered to be able to be participating here with you this fantastic work you have done and continues to build!

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