Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can ~ #29 Alice B. LOSTUTTER (1867-1891)

Alice B. LOSTUTTER, born 28 Mar 1867, was the daughter of Martha Olephene ENOCH (1844-1904) and Capt. David LOSTUTTER (1838-1899). She married Talton EMBRY on 7 April 1890 in Dearborn County, Indiana. She died the following year on 5 October 1891.

aliceandgracetinyPhotograph taken before 1891 of Alice with her friend Grace MORRIS, who married Sidney F. JACOBI about 1892. Both girls are wearing a dark choker with a crucifix.

AliceandgracebacktinyGrace Lillian MORRIS b. 16 Jun 1869 d. 10 Oct 1953. Grace, seen right in the photo, was not yet married when this was taken. She and her husband were parents of one son, Sidney G. JACOBI Jr.

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