In 2016 I’m Going To….

….get my money’s worth out a 6-month subscription.

I believe one of my ancestors was looking out for me over the holidays. was offering $10 off their regular $99 price for the 6-month gift subscription of the US collection and I wanted it.

gifttinyI tried to get the offer but was thrown in a loop going from Choose gift to Pay now to Choose gift to Pay now to Choose gift. I could NOT get to the billing page. I was told to try another browser or call in. I gave up before the offer ran out on Christmas Day even after I found a browser I don’t use which worked. I’m kind of stubborn that way.

Two days after Christmas I see 50% off on the regular $99 price!! Stubbornness on my part or someone looking out for me? Whatever, this time billing worked!

In May 2013 when Ancestry said, “We’ll be seeing you” they didn’t know it would be two and a half years later. 🙂

ancestryThe four Virginia Vital Records databases at Ancestry, primarily “Virginia, Death Records, 1912-2014,”  were the reason I finally caved in and took this great deal for six months. Let the research work begin….

© 2016 Cathy Meder-Dempsey

Author: Cathy Meder-Dempsey

When I’m not doing genealogy and blogging, I spend time riding my racing bike with my husband through the wonderful Luxembourg countryside.

4 thoughts on “In 2016 I’m Going To….”

  1. I do most of my research on Ancestry and its related sites, so I am curious—what sites have you been using? I assume FamilySearch—but what else? Enjoy!


    1. Thank you Amy. Most of my US research was fairly up to date, wise, when I began blogging in 2014.
      I had access to the Ancestry Library edition for a while after I cancelled my subscription in May 2013.
      I learned to get the missing census records from by using the source information on FamilySearch. The Library of Virginia site has also very helpful. I’ve used it for land deeds, chancery records, and descriptions of old homes. FamilySearch is my go-to site for records in Luxembourg and I used them nearly everyday during 2015.

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  2. My first six month subscription to Ancestry came with the purchase of the Family Tree Maker Software. I kept the subscription going but was considering taking a break as most of my Scottish research comes from other sources and that’s where I am concentrating right now. However, I was having a few issues with FTM and contacted Ancestry who told me to remove the software and reinstall. I did this and lo and behold another six months free worldwide access!
    Good luck with the research in 2016.

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