Mettendorf, Germany – The Honor Roll Project

In October 2015, during Family History Month, my husband and I visited several German towns in the Eifel (Rheinland-Pfalz) where my maternal grandfather’s family came from.

In the cemetery of Mettendorf is a large plot with soldiers, most from other towns, who fell in this town. We did not take photographs of all of the markers in this plot although they were similar to this one for an unknown soldier.

mettAlong the left side of this plot were these large stone markers engraved with the names of soldiers from Mettendorf, Niehl and Burg who fell or were missing during World War I and World War II as well as civilian casualties.


Matthias Rodens 1892-1914
Matthias Schilt 1888-1914
Peter Thiel 1896-1914
Michel Thielen 1883-1914
Viktor Koos 1891-1915
Matthias Fous 1890-1915
Adam Rech 1889-1915
Fritz Haus 1892-1915
Johann Neises 1891-1916
Matthias Elsen 1890-1916
Simon Keippes 1897-1917
Adam Elsen 1891-1917
Nikolaus Scheilz 1893-1917
Johann Bendel 1889-1917
Christian Thiel 1886-1917
Dominik Elsen 1876-1917
Johann Roden 1876-1917
Paul Weires 1886-1917
Johann Haus 1895-1917
Matthias Stedem 1891-1917
Nikolaus Winter 1895-1918
Michel Hurt 1882-1918
Heinrich Klassen 1893-1918


Johann Metz 1900-1918
Johann Neues 1917-1940
Bernhard Barzen 1916-1940
Wilhelm Ackels 1919-1940
Nikolaus Burelbach 1919-1942
Wilhelm Bertrang 1920-1942
Nikolaus Kringen 1921-1942
Nikolaus Kaster 1921-1942
Bernhard Ademes 1922-1942
Johann Manz 1919-1942
Johann Hontheim 1916-1942
Matthias Kohl 1915-1942
Josef Eppers 1919-1942
Jakob Bartzen 1900-1943
Anton Hoffmann 1919-1943
Josef Elsen 1915-1943
Matthias Göbel 1923-1943
Matthias Thielen 1916-1943
Nikolaus Hamper 1923-1943
Johann Robling 1919-1943
Paul Houscht 1921-1943
Hein. Pöppelreiter 1904-1943
Nikolaus Bertrang 1917-1943


Valentin Fandel 1901-1944
Michael Hurt 1922-1944
Anton Eskes 1925-1944
August Faulhauer 1904-1944
Jakob Rossler 1915-1944
Peter Fandel 1896-1944
Jakob Schleider 1926-1944
Peter Petisch 1915-1944
Josef Kolbet 1923-1944
Johann Just 1926-1944
Matthias Hoffmann 1907-1944
Maternus Petisch 1913-1944
Johann Schottler 1917-1944
Matthias Ademes 1920-144
Matthias Pott 1915-1944
Leo Ademes 1920-1944
Nikolaus Masselter 1924-1944
Josef Wolsfeld 1907-1945
Joseph Kinnen 1926-1945
Karl Petisch 1926-1945
Karl Göbel 1915-1945
Johann Spoden 1910-1945
Adolf Scheils 1925-1945


Nikolaus Kles 1926-1945
Peter Schwind 1927-1945
Karl Barbara 1924-1945
Peter Franken 1918-1945
Heinrich Grün 1915-1945
Josef Houscht 1923-1945
Heinrich Kiemen 1914-1945
Jakob Thielgen 1920-1946
Matthias Trampeet 1915-1946
Franz Kerscht 1919-1947
Wilhelm Arnoldy 1922-1947
Paul Streit 1889-1914
Peter Nosbüsch 1879-1914
Lothar Schares 1918-1941
Johann Hoß (Hoss) 1910-1942
Johann Streit 1922-1942
Philipp Heinen 1914-1944
Johann Jakobs 1893-1916
Peter Zeimetz 1908-1945
Mettendorf vermißt
Philipp Weides 1878-1914


Mettendorf Vermißte (missing)
Nikolaus Hein 1893-1917
Johann Elsen 1883-1917
Jakob Thielen 1912-1942
Jakob Hammling 1920-1943
Peter Winandy 1920-1943
Jakob Pott 1921-1943
Jakob Petisch 1922-1943
Peter Göbel 1923-1943
Michel Schmitz 1913-1943
Baptist Faulhauer 1911-1943
Peter Beeteang 1916-1943
Dominik Neues 1908-1943
Johann Thelen 1923-1944
Josef Manz 1922-1944
Matthias Fandel 1926-1944
Wilhelm Petey 1912-1944
Paul Kneib 1906-1944
Karl Kinnnen 1921-1944
Nikolaus Ganser 1914-1944
Johann P. Köppchen 1918-1944
Wilhelm Grün 1914-1944
Lorenz Asselborn 1910-1944
Wilh. Pöppelreiter 1919-1944
August Manz 1915-1944


Mettendorf Vermißte (missing)
Reinhold Eliche 1914-1944
Johann Thiel 1922-1944
Peter Manz 1924-1945
Matthias Schwind 1910-1945
Jakob Weides 1897-1945
Peter Hontheim 1908-1945
Viktor Schmitz 1907-1945
Niehl Vermißte (missing)
Matthias Schares 1910-1943
Josef Streit 1926-1945
Josef Nilles 1906-1945
Mettendorf Zivilgefallene (civilians)
Peter Berens 1898-1944
Maria Metz 1896-1944
Michael Rech 1891-1944
Marg. Grommes 1866-1945
Matthias Bormann 1903-1945
Josef Gangolf 1935-1945
Hubert Schmitz 1878-1945
Jakob Elsen 1888-1945
Burg Zivilgefallene (civilians)
Anna Maria Elsen 1875-1945
Niehl Zivilgefallene (civilians)
Peter Magee 1891-1945

The Honor Roll Project

This post was written in response to Heather Wilkinson Rojo’s post
Would You like to contribute to the Honor Roll Project for Veteran’s Day, 2015?
on her blog Nutfield Genealogy. On her newly created website

The Honor Roll Project, Heather invites everyone to

Just find a military honor roll in your hometown park, or in front of a civil building, or inside on a plaque – Anywhere! Photograph it, transcribe the names and post it to your blog.

© 2016 Cathy Meder-Dempsey

Author: Cathy Meder-Dempsey

When I’m not doing genealogy and blogging, I spend time riding my racing bike with my husband through the wonderful Luxembourg countryside.

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