Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can ~ #41 Minnie Campbell

This lady has a name but no other information is known about her.

CampbellMinniesmPhotographer: F.E. Johns, 55 E. Main Street, Lexington, Kentucky (in business in the 1880s until 1920s). Francis E. “Frank” Johns (1852-1943) was a printer in 1870; photographer in 1880, 1900, and 1920; no occupation in 1930.

CampbellMinnieback Rooney collection

On the reverse side two different persons wrote the name, Minnie Campbell. Was this her maiden name or married name? How would you date this photo and estimate her year of birth?

More about this collection, how it came to be in my possession,
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6 thoughts on “Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can ~ #41 Minnie Campbell”

  1. The 1890’s were the decade of puffed sleeves. They started with just a simple rise in the beginning and advanced to huge proportions. I would guess at 1893 – plus or minus two years. It would be nice to have more than just the shoulders to work from. As for the age, I would guess at 20 – plus or minus five years. That would put her at a birth year of 1872 – plus or minus seven. As to the name either being maiden or married it would only be a guess.

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    1. Thank you for the comment. Will have to keep that in mind as well as the following.

      On my FB posts I got replies dating it in the 1890s and one narrowed it to 1897-1899. Suggestions on who it may be:

      Minnie M Koonce 1878-1967 married 1898 William Fulton Campbell and lived in Campbellsville, Taylor County, Kentucky.

      Minnie Campbell (1875-1941) md. ca. 1895 Henry Clay (1900 census md. 5 yrs with 3 children). Lived in Lexington.

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      1. A new possibility was messaged to me via my Facebook page:
        Minnie Ola Campbell 1879-1945 of Massac County, Illinois. She married 1. William J. White 1894 and 2. Thomas J. Dotson 1911. She was from Massac County, Illinois, and lived in Johnson County, Illinois.


  2. Could be a relative of mine. Minnie Cora Campbell. Married William Taylor. Died in Calloway Cty, KY. Born around 1865-1869 died 1915

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    1. Thank you, Angela. I will look into “your” Minnie to see if there are any connections to others in the collection. In the comments there were two other Minnie’s who were suggested as possibilities.


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