Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can ~ #42 Lon Hopwood

HopwoodLon1This is an “identified” photograph but not dated. Lon Hopwood is written on the back.  There is no photographer’s name. The location the photo was taken cannot be determined nor where this person was from.

HopwoodLon2Not being familiar with men’s fashion, I haven’t been able to use this as a guide to date the photo. These are the details I’ve noted:

  • wide-rimmed slouch (perhaps wool felt) hat tilted to side with what looks like a rounded crown (no pinch or dent seen, maybe due to the angle worn)
  • wide lapels on jacket perhaps loose fit
  • single breasted vest fitted close to the throat showing only the knot of the tie
  • stiff white collar shirt, length of the collar tips is hidden in the vest
  • clean shaved, no sideburns, short haircut

I have not found anyone with the Hopwood surname in connection with other persons found in this collection. Without an approximate time period for when the photo was taken, or when Mr. Hopwood may have been born, I will refrain from searching for possible records.

For all I know a Hopwood researcher may recognize the name and get in touch. Wishful thinking on my part?

More about this collection, how it came to be in my possession,
and links to previous posts in the series can be found here.

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© 2016 Cathy Meder-Dempsey

Author: Cathy Meder-Dempsey

When I’m not doing genealogy and blogging, I spend time riding my racing bike with my husband through the wonderful Luxembourg countryside.

6 thoughts on “Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can ~ #42 Lon Hopwood”

  1. Batting zero so far. Found a James A Hopwood (Lon short for Alonzo?) born in Illinois but residing in South Dakota. Maybe an outside chance a neighbor of the Lillie that moved there. I can’t remember who that was but Edgar Lillie married Marie Losnegard who was from South Dakota. I’ll see if cousin Sandy (Lillie, Marie’s daughter) can recall anything. I’m not at the library, but I’d check Pope and Massac counties for Hopwoods in the 1880 census for an infant Hopwood.

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    1. Do you think this was taken in the 1890s? I was leaning a bit farther back – say late 1870s or early 1880s. Hoping someone more knowledgeable could zoom in on the correct period. Will check Hopwood in 1880 in Pope and Massac and maybe Paducah, KY.


      1. Illinois Cyberdrive lists a marriage of Alonzo L Hopwood to Florence Zollinger 5Oct1882 in Whiteside. Although in the center of the state, there are some Royalty’s in Peoria, but later arrivals, I think.

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      2. I noticed that one too. I have all the other people in the collection in my database but haven’t added the ones I was unsure about. I should have because now I will be looking up records for Hopwood-Zollinger for about the 4th time!

        Thanks Joe! (I didn’t mean to sound sarcastic.)


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