Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can ~ #45 Three LILLIE Men and #46 Husband and Wife (Corrections)

The past two weeks I shared photographs which were taken in Detroit, Michigan, in front of apartment building #2122 on Marantette St. where Royalty “Roy” LILLIE (1895-1979) rented a unit and lived with his mother Florence ROYALTY (1868-1946), brother Raymond Egbert “Splitty” LILLIE (1904-1970), sister Ruth Joanna LILLIE (1907-1986), and son Lynn Vance LILLIE (1920-1993).


After I posted #45 (Three LILLIE Men) and #46 (Mother and Son) my cousin Joe Rooney, son of Ike and Florence’s daughter Ruby Pernecia LILLIE (1909-1981), sent an email correcting the labeling of these pictures.

They were not part of the original collection of old photographs which were saved from the trash can. They were photographs Joe had in his possession and which were used to help identify persons in the collection. When Joe saw my posts he realized the identification for photo #46 had to be a mistake. He consulted the original and wrote in his email:

I mis-identified or mis-labeled one as Reese Lillie and Florence his Mom.  But on the back, I now see somebody had identified them as Grandpa and Grandma Lillie 1930.  Isaac and Florence.  I regret the mistake.

Due to the fact that Isaac Spencer “Ike” LILLIE (1872-1932), husband of Florence, was not found in 1910 and 1920 census Joe had believed Ike died in 1918. We have since found his 1932 death record but he is still missing from the census. For whatever reason Ike did not live with his wife and children in Detroit but visited them as we can see by the photographs.

Corrected identification of photograph featured in post #46

ReeseFlorenceIsaac Spencer “Ike” LILLIE and wife Florence ROYALTY in 1930

This photograph of Ike and his wife Florence was taken in 1930. For comparison I am including the photographs taken in 1920 at the time of the family reunion.

reunionThese were featured in Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can ~ #10 LILLIE Family 1920 Reunion. In the above, we see Ike and Florence at the very back, and in the picture below, Ike is #1.

smallgroupNow that we have #46 cleared up, who is the older man in #45 of the three LILLIE men? Taken at the same time and place as #46 the older man in the center cannot be Isaac LILLIE.

I believe he was Ike’s brother George Wyte LILLIE (1874-1943). The hat he is wearing hides part of his face but he resembles the second man from the right (#9) in the photo above as well as the younger George featured in Old Photographs from Trash Can #6.

collageCorrected identification of photograph featured in post #45

1920sRaymondIkeRoyGeorge Wyte LILLIE (1874-1943) in the middle with a cigar, and his nephews,  Raymond Egbert “Splitty” LILLIE (1904-1970) on the left and Samuel Royalty “Roy” LILLIE (1895-1979) on the right taken in 1930.

A lesson learned: Seeing your work in a different light or showing it to others may make an error pop-out. No matter how many times you go over your research or writing you will pass over mistakes. In this case my cousin Joe noticed the error after the photos were posted and brought it to my attention. He did what we should all do when we find error, bring it to the person’s attention as gently as possible. Think about how you would want to feel when being corrected.

More about this collection, how it came to be in my possession,
and links to previous posts in the series can be found here.

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Author: Cathy Meder-Dempsey

When I’m not doing genealogy and blogging, I spend time riding my racing bike with my husband through the wonderful Luxembourg countryside.

8 thoughts on “Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can ~ #45 Three LILLIE Men and #46 Husband and Wife (Corrections)”

  1. I am always happy for a correction—whether it’s an incorrect name or date or even a typo. But I agree—it is always much nicer when people are sensitive about it instead of being rude!


  2. OK, I spent some hours punching out my stuff on George Wyte Lilly and think you are on to something because he was a railroad man as was my Uncle Raymond in Detroit who is in the picture. It seems George experienced much tragedy in his life, I see possibly three wives and two children that died in the 1920’s. In the picture of what we believe to be the children of Albert Spencer Lilly, where I swore it was my Uncle Roy in the place of Great Uncle Reuben, maybe it is another doppleganger. Except Uncle Roy was quite the dandy, wearing fashionable shoes and clothes, just like the blazer in the picture. Maybe the railroad retirement system has a picture of George, or my Uncle Raymond. George resided in many different places as a railroad man, I’m hopeful he wasn’t a bigamist. grin

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I found George’s first wife Mary Belle’s death certificate. She died in 1915 and this led to the FAG memorial. I checked the cemetery for other LILLIEs and Chester was buried there. His memorial has a 1921 obit which mentions “The family formerly resided in Kalamazoo going to Chicago about three years ago.” This dates George’s return to Chicago to about 1918 (between marriage to 2nd wife on 15 Aug 1917 and the WWI draft card dated 12 Sep 1918). Second wife Marie Green died 17 Jun 1929 and by the 1930 census George was remarried. I doubt he was a bigamist.


  3. I found him in the 1940 US Census, presumably retired with wife Jeanette (absent from the home-probably shopping). Last name now spelled Lillie. Some people have to be in a relationship all the time. A serial bigamist?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No Joe. Jeanette I believe is the same lady he was with in 1930 (seen as Geen) and married very soon after the death of wife #2. Jeanette A. Ball, divorced from John E. Hilbish, was born in England as were her parents. In 1940 the X with the circle around it means she was the one giving the information, not that she was absent. Unfortunately she did not give England but Illinois as her place of birth in 1940. Or could this be another wife? I haven’t been able to locate her after she was mentioned as his wife in 1943 on his death record (index only).


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