Johannes MEDER and Susanna LAMBERT Married in 1752 in Mersch

Last year during the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge I blogged about my children’s ancestors starting with their paternal grandparents back to their 4th great-grandparents. Nearly a quarter of their 5th great-grandparents were featured in 2014 as part of the American branch of the family tree but three quarters have not been written about. As the remaining are all European and mostly Luxembourgish families the records are available and the ancestors are waiting for their stories to be told.

In 1723 a baptismal record[1] was recorded in the church records of Ettelbrück in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Joes, the abbreviated form of Joannes (Johannes or Jean), a son of Adam and Elisabetha MEDERHANSEN of Ettelbrück was baptized. His godparents were  Joannes Petrus (Jean Pierre) Barthels of Elscheid and Joanna (Jeanne) Mederhansen of Ettelbrück. The record was not dated and other records on the page are not in true chronological order.

His baptismal record had this comment in the margin: n. b. non e ni ordine. This translate to “Take special notice, not in order.” The record therefore was not recorded in chronological order. His next sibling was born on 19 June 1724 which would mean Joannes had to have been born before September 1723. He was the oldest known child and his younger siblings were born with an average of about 3 years between births. When Joannes died on 13 February 1784 he was in his 65th year which places his birth at around 1720.

Baptismal Record of Joannes MEDERHANSEN [1]
In the church records Latin forms of the names were used. To avoid confusion I will mention the form used in records but for narration will use the German form of the names.

Johannes MEDER’s (1720-1784) parents were Adam MEDERHANSEN (1696-1774) and Elisabetha ESCH. They likely married about 1719 and continued to have children until 1740. To date no record has been found to confirm the date of marriage of his parents who lived in Ettelbrück nor dates of birth and death of his mother Elisabetha. Why the change in the surname from MEDERHANSEN to MEDER? This will be discussed in a later post.

Marriage Index Card for Johannes MEDER and Susanna LAMBERT [2]
Johannes MEDER, whose surname was spelled MEDERT, and Susanna LAMBERT, whose surname was spelled LAMBER, were married on 27 December 1752 in Mersch. Susanna was from Angelsberg. A remark on the above index card[2] in Latin ambo olim famulantes apud MEYERS im EHSINGEN translates to “both were formerly serving for the MEYERS in ESSINGEN.” Since Johannes was from Ettelbrück and Susanna was from Angelsberg they likely met while working for the MEYERS family in Essingen. The spelling of the town name is recorded incorrectly on the index card but written Essingen (the double s appears as fs in cursive) in the marriage record[3] below.

1752 Marriage Record of Joannes MEDERT and Susanna LAMBER [3]
As Susanna (1729-1803) was from Angelsberg, a town whose records are found in Mersch, I searched through all the baptisms between 1720 and 1735 for a birth record for Susanna LAMBERT. I found a Susanna born in Angelsberg and baptized on 2 January 1729. The only problem was her parents names were Joannis and Maria REINERS. I made a note of the location of the record for further reference.

While checking for the birth, marriage and death records of the children of Johannes and Susanna, to be discussed in my next post, I ran across one record with a different surname for Susanna. In 1779 Johannes and Susanna had been married 27 years and the first of their children, their oldest son Pierre married a young lady named Marie FABER from Mamer.

MRIN25783 1779 Pierre Meder and Marie Faber marriage index card
Marriage Index Card for Pierre MEDER and Marie FABER [4]
The index card[4] for the marriage has the mother of the groom listed as Suzanne REINERS. Using the index card as a guide I located the marriage record[5] in the church records. The mother’s maiden name was REINERS in the text as well as at the bottom of the document where all persons present at the marriage signed or left their mark.

1779 Marriage Record for Pierre MEDER and Maria FABER [5]
This marriage record had me going back to the record I found for the REINERS child named Susanna born in 1729 in Angelsberg to Joannis and Maria.[6]

1729 Baptismal Record for Susanna REINERS aka LAMBERT [6]
The LAMBERT family was also known as REINERS in earlier records. The LAMBERT name appears to have come into use after the death of Joannis REINERS in 1750. Both names were likely “house” names.

The marriage of Johannes and Susanna lasted 31 years, 1 month, and 17 days ending with the death of Johannes in 1784. Next week we will take a look at the records found for their children.


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Genealogy Sketch

Name: Johannes MEDER
Parents:  Adam MEDERHANSEN and Elisabetha ESCH
Spouse: Susanna LAMBERT
Parents of spouse: Joannis REINERS and Maria ERPELDING
Whereabouts: Ettelbrück and Angelsberg, Grand Duché of Luxembourg
Relationship to Cathy Meder-Dempsey: 4th great-grandfather of husband

  1. Johannes MEDER
  2. Jean Nicolas MEDER
  3. Theodore MEDER
  4. Franz “François” MEDER
  5. Johann Peter “Jean-Pierre” MEDER
  6. Marcel Mathias MEDER
  7. Cathy Meder-Dempsey’s husband Living MEDER

© 2016, copyright Cathy Meder-Dempsey. All rights reserved.




Author: Cathy Meder-Dempsey

When I’m not doing genealogy and blogging, I spend time riding my racing bike with my husband through the wonderful Luxembourg countryside.

12 thoughts on “Johannes MEDER and Susanna LAMBERT Married in 1752 in Mersch”

    1. People used to be identified by the house they lived in or the farm they lived on. Towns were small and this was how they identified people with the same first name. Others were identified by their occupation. Thanks for reading Joan.


    1. Thank you Amy. Even today there are people in Luxembourg who are known by their house name. It is becoming very rare. When the census was taken in Luxembourg in the 1800s they used surnames, house names and farm names to differentiate between the people of the same names in a town. There was actually a field in the upper right hand corner of the census sheet for the house name. See here (scroll down to the census images).

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      1. Often the house name came from the occupation or the location of the house. It gets pretty complicated in Luxembourg as some names come from Germanic and others from Romance languages due to the location and history of the country.

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  1. Marie FABER who married Pierre MEDER in 1779 in Ettelbruck is the sister of Reine FABER my 5th Great Grand-mother. Reine married Johannes SHORTGEN the 18 january 1772 a Mamer. She must have been an older sister. Unfortunately I have not found when and where she was born.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s is my family: Regina (Reine) fille de Francisci (Francois) FABER et Johanna MERMELS epouse Johannes SHORTGEN fils de Nicolas and Catharina SCHWALOCH (I am still trying to unlock that one as the W could be a M or it could also be SCHWALLER) on 18 january 1772. The MERMELS name had me in knots for a while. It’s MERVELER which I found out with the same card you uncovered for the marriage FABER-MEDER.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The index cards are grouped by town for both grooms and frides. I often go through all for one surname looking for clues. Did you know they have the full collection for the index cards (only in alpha order for grooms) under Grand Duché du Luxembourg in the church records?


  2. Where do I begin? I have gone back to researching my Luxembourg ancestors and you just clarified the Joes/Jean/Johannes conundrum I had. I need to look through your posts to give me important tips as to how to read these records. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so glad this has helped you. It is a bit confusing in the beginning with them using Latin, French and German versions of names. Joes is not Latin – more like the English abbreviations, for example Richd for Richard. Thanks for reading my post Kathy.


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