Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can ~ #76 The LILLIE Family Portrait

Isaac Spencer LILLIE (1872-1932) and his wife Florence ROYALTY (1868-1946) have been mentioned often in this series. This is because the entire collection appears to center around their family.

Isaac Spencer LILLIE and his wife Florence ROYALTY with their two oldest sons.

When did Florence’s interest in collecting photographs begin? Around 1874 when the first known photograph, a tintype, was taken of Florence at the age of 5 or 6 years? Or the very late 1890s or very early 1900s (before 1904) when she sat with her husband and two oldest sons, Reese and Roy, to have this family portrait made?

The four Lillie family members are wearing the same clothes in this family portrait as in the pictures below.

ikeflorandreese Ikeandroy floroyandikeCould those pictures, labeled penny pictures by an unknown person, have been proofs taken in preparation for the family portrait?

I purposely did not name the sons under the family portrait. The reason being that the dark haired boy between Isaac and Florence appears taller than the light haired boy on the left of Florence.

In the series of photos, someone added the names of the boys. Reese, born in 1892, was two and a half years older than Roy, born in 1895. In the pictures where the boys are with their father, “Reese” appears to be smaller than “Roy.” Could Roy have been so much taller than Reese or was he standing on a stool in the group photo? Or are the photos labeled incorrectly?

In 1917 when the boys registered for the World War I draft, Reese was described as medium, slender, blue eyes, and light hair. Roy was described as tall, medium, gray eyes, and dark brown hair.

reesewwicardroywwicardFrom the descriptions, I believe we can assume Roy is the boy between Isaac and Florence and Reese is the boy on the right of Florence.

The photos of Reese (above) are the only ones in the collection. Roy’s pictures were more numerous as can be seen in the links shared in post #64 Brother and Sister in 1950.


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