52 Ancestors: #8 SCHWARTZ-HALER Family of Osweiler

With the next set of my children’s 5th great-grandparents, we leave Diekirch and move to Osweiler, a little village located 4 kilometers from Echternach, the town where we live. These are the ancestors of my father-in-law’s mother, Ketty.

Ketty SCHWARTZ (1892-1974) on her wedding day 15 June 1923.

Ketty’s great-great-grandparents Lorentz SCHWARTZ and Magdalena HALER married on 27 January 1790 in Echternach.[1]

Tables des mariages 1700-1798 (index organisée par l’époux/l’épouse), a card index of marriages performed in parishes in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg before 1800[1]
I’m working on a post about these marriage index cards. In the meantime, I’d like to draw your attention to the number in the lower right corner of this card. These point to two records, one in Volume 8 page 110 and the other in Volume 10 page 178 of church records in Echternach. Unfortunately, FamilySearch does not name their batches by volume numbers. I found both records and compared them side by side to determine if they were the same record or one was a copy of the other.[2], [3]

Image on left (178 is on upper left corner) is from Baptêmes, mariages, décès 1788-1797 > image 90 of 331 [2] while the image on the right (110 at bottom of page) is from Baptêmes, mariages, décès 1789-1793 > image 57 of 132 [3]
The page numbers for the records match those seen on the index card. The records were written by the same person and both were signed by the persons present. They are not the same record as can be seen by the signature of Mathias Haller, father of the bride and witness, being on two lines at the end of the document on the left and on one line in the document on the right. On comparison of the text, I found that the names of the two witnesses, Mathias Haller and Joannes Schmit, were not in the same order on both documents. I believe it is important to look at both records as the handwriting may be more legible in one or the other and one can check if there is missing or different information.

Laurentius, the groom

Lorentz “Laurentius” SCHWARTZ was born to Joannis SCHWARTZ (1725-1787) and Maria HEINTZ (1725-1793) on 31 March 1762 in Osweiler. His godparents were Laurentius URICH of Ensdorff and Margaretha LEONARDI of Echternach.[4]

Lorentz was 15 years old when his father died in 1787 leaving two sons, Lorentz and Nicolas, and a daughter Magdalena.[5] Two daughters were born before Lorentz. Death records have not been checked; however, it is possible they died young. By the time I get to the 6th greats I hope to have been able to locate more information on these girls.

Magdalena, the bride

Magdalena HALER, daughter of Mathias HALER (1738-1812) and Angela ALENTS (d. 1768), was born and baptized on 4 November 1764 in Osweiler. Her godparents were Petrus MOTER from Hassel and Magdalena HALER of Osweiler.[6]

Magdalena was only 4 years old when her mother died, likely during childbirth as a daughter was born the same day.[7] She left a son age 6 and three daughters age 4, 2, and newborn. A month later Magdalena’s widowed father remarried and the family increased by five more children during the 1770s.

Lorentz and Magdalena

When Lorentz and Magdalena were married in 1790 neither were able to sign their names to the marriage record and made their cross. Following their marriage one of the first official entries found for Lorentz was as a witness for his sister Magdalena’s marriage on 29 November 1790 in Grevenmacher to Peter HENN.[8] This record plays a very important role in identifying Magdalena who married Peter HENN as the sister of Lorentz and daughter of Joannis SCHWARTZ and Maria HEINTZ. The errors I found in previous genealogical research will be discussed when I write about the 6th greats as mentioned above.

A year later, Lorentz and Magdalena’s first child was born. Lorentz’s mother lived to see the birth of this child. She died 11 August 1793 in Osweiler.[9]

Lorentz and Magdalena were the parents of five children, although one is a bit iffy.

  • Mathias was born and baptized on 21 November 1791. His godparents were Mathias HALER, a ploughman (aratoris) from Osweiler and Magdalena WILLEMS from Fromburg.[10]
  • Anna was born and baptized on 28 Jun 1794. Her godparents were her paternal uncle Nicolas SCHWARTZ from Osweiler and Anna WOLZFELD from Eschweiler.[11]
  • Heinrich was born and baptized on 8 June 1796. His godparents were Henrico HAALER and Jeanne HAALER, both of Osweiler.[12]
  • Johann born about 1799.[13] Records are missing for Osweiler during this time period and his birth cannot be proven.
  • Jorg was born on 20 February 1807 in Osweiler[14] and died a week later on 1 March 1807 in Osweiler.[15] The birth record was a civil record and did not have the names of his godparents.

There is quite a gap in births of children after the documented birth of Heinrich and the possible birth of son Johann about 1799. Magdalena was 43 years old when she gave birth to her last child. She and her husband may not have planned or expected to have a child so late in life. As the death record does not include cause of death, we will never know if the child was premature or if there were complications in the pregnancy.

The children in this family had their maternal grandfather in their lives until they reached their teenage years. Magdalena’s father died 5 January 1812 in Osweiler.[16]

Lorentz and Magdalena’s oldest son Mathias married Anna TRIERWEILER (1794-1853), daughter of Nicolas TRIERWEILER and Catharina HOFFMANN, on 17 January 1820 in Osweiler. The bride and groom declared not being able to write. The father of the groom, Lorentz SCHWARTZ, worked as a cutter or tailor (Schneider).[17]

Lorentz died on 7 April 1820 in Osweiler. His son Mathias who’d married less than three months earlier was an informant for the death.[18]

The next marriage in the family was for the only daughter, Anna. She married Nicolas SCHACKMAN on 19 January 1821 in Rosport.[19]  Her godfather Nicolas SCHWARTZ, brother of her deceased father, was one of the witnesses at the marriage and her mother was present and consenting. A child was born in Osweiler in 1823 but the family did not stay there for long. They had other children in Prümzurlay (1822) and Eisenach (1825-1840). The family name was later written JACQUEMIN.[20]

The last known marriage was for the second son Heinrich SCHWARTZ, 4th great-grandfather of Julie Cahill Tarr of Julie’s Genealogy & History Hub.

Heinrich married Eva RITSCHDORFF (1794-1853), daughter of Christofel RITSCHDORFF and Eva MULLER, on 4 September 1823 in Echternach.[13] At the time of his marriage Heinrich was already living and working in Echternach as a linen weaver, the same occupation as his brothers, Mathias and Johann. His younger brother Johann, a 24 years old linen weaver (Leinenweber) from Osweiler, was a witness at the marriage.[13] Is there a case of mistaken identity here? Could Mathias have been witness instead of a brother named Johann? Did Mathias and Heinrich have a brother named Johann and, if yes, where did he disappear to?

Front view of the “Spidol” or Hospice Civil as it is also known.

Over twenty years later, the mother of this family, Magdalena was found living in the Hospice Civil in Echternach. The hospice was run by Catholic nuns and had a gardener and several servants. They cared for the elderly, poor, and children. Magdalena was living in the hospice at the time of the 1843[21], 1846[22], 1847[23], 1849[24], 1851[25], and 1852[26] census.

She was in the hospice when her son Heinrich died on 13 November 1850 in Echternach.[27] Both of her daughters-in-law also predeceased her. Mathias’ wife Anna died on 21 March 1853 in Osweiler[28] and Heinrich’s wife Eva died on 5 April 1853 in Echternach.[29] Magdalena died a year later on 20 April 1854 in Echternach. Her death was reported by Regnard WATHIER and his son Nicolas WATHIER.[30] The first man no longer worked but had been a police officer (Polizeidiener) and his son worked for the town, similar to a town crier/messenger (Bannschütz).

Magdalena and Lorentz’s son Mathias SCHWARTZ died on 20 February 1860 in Osweiler.[31] He was a linen weaver, day laborer, and plowman or farmer during his lifetime.

Was Mathias the last living child? Did his sister Anna outlive him? I will not know for sure until I learn more about his sister Anna who was living in Eisenach (present-day Germany) as late as October 1840 when a child was born. I’ll be checking out the Family Books of the area in Germany while on library duty Wednesday…if we don’t have too many visitors.


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© 2017, copyright Cathy Meder-Dempsey. All rights reserved.

Author: Cathy Meder-Dempsey

When I’m not doing genealogy and blogging, I spend time riding my racing bike with my husband through the wonderful Luxembourg countryside.

7 thoughts on “52 Ancestors: #8 SCHWARTZ-HALER Family of Osweiler”

    1. YES! My planned day to publish was Friday but I’ve been a day late for the past two weeks. I’m trying to catch up so that I have time for other things. I don’t have posts written for more than a week ahead.
      I noticed you were getting behind and have been waiting for your posts, Diane. 🙂


  1. It still remarkable to me that you are able to find (and read!) records this old. I was interested in the fact that the two couples could not sign their names; I’ve seen that with some of my earliest ancestors (my 3x-great-grandfather Hart Levy Cohen). I wonder what percentage of the population in those times were illiterate. Hart was born around 1775, so roughly the same era. He was born in Amsterdam but later moved to London and then as an old man to the US. We take for granted now that everyone can write and read at least their name. It’s hard to imagine how people functioned without being able to do so, but obviously they did.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t looked into what education was like in Luxembourg during the time period. However, on this 1790 marriage record the father of the bride, who was a synodal (a church official), signed while his daughter could not. It makes me wonder if boys were favored over girls when it came to learning to read and write.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That first photo is lovely, is that Ketty? She is beautiful. I love the FamilySearch browse collections. They are filled with so many treasures. Some are tricky to navigate when they are in huge chunks, but it’s like having a huge library of microfilm right in your house. FYI, sometimes after the images are indexed on FS, they images are taken away based on licensing agreements. I’m sure you already save the images, but if not, it’s a good idea to do so.

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