52 Ancestors – 2015 Edition: The Plan

Things went so well during the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge, blogging my paternal ancestors from my Dad to my 4th great-grandparents, that I’ve decided to continue in 2015.

52ancestors-2015Amy Johnson Crow posted Announcing 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: 2015 Edition on December 17th. Although I love the  suggested themes for January, I’m going to do things a bit differently next year.

In my posts for 2014 I did an ancestor and discussed his/her parents, siblings, spouse, and children which caused quite a bit of overlapping and repeated information. So I’ve decided to combine the husband and wife into one post. This will help me get two for one!

I’m scheduling a family group each week – an ancestral couple and their offspring- for my children’s paternal lines and my maternal lines. I’ve gotten used to posting on Mondays so that will stay the same.

These are the families I want to do, again in order so that I can do the grands, then the greats, all the way to the 3rd great-grandparents. As you can see by the pedigree charts below, there are no ancestors missing in these generations. This will get me to #46.

The first two are my children’s paternal pedigree:

chart1chart2♥ This is where the posts for 2014 on my paternal line fit in.

Followed by my maternal pedigree:chart3The next generation has 48 sets of 4th great-grandparents and ONLY 2 of these are unknown – the parents of couple #24 – I’m working on the doors in those brick walls. There are absolutely no America families in the pedigree charts above. Mostly Luxembourgish families and some German ones from the border areas.

I’m thinking about doing a few more of my American ancestors – 5th, 6th, 7th great-grandparents, in no special order – we’ll see who I can dig up!

Note: Since I slipped in three unscheduled posts during week #11, #12, and #14 the numbering of the families above are now off by 3. Below are the week numbers and the families as they are now scheduled.

These are the ancestors that I’ve presented so far:

#1 The MEDER-KREMER Family (1926-1996)
#2 The Brewery Worker and the Midwife
#3 The KREMER-PEFFER Family (1905-1987)
#4 The Plumber/Tinsmith and the Seamstress
#5 The MEDER-FABER Family of Diekirch 1846-1954
#6 The SCHWARTZ-GORGES Family of Osweiler (1866-1996)
#7 The Railroad Switchman’s Family
#8 The PEFFER-MERTES Family (1866-1995)
#9 Close to Home and Close to My Heart
#10 The FOURNELLE-FRANTZ Family (1871-2005)
#11 Lucky in Love
#12 The One Who Went To Paris
#13 The MEDER-REIFFER Family
#14 Albert Spencer LILLIE (1848-1913) ~ Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can
#15 The FABER-LORENTZ Family
#18 The KREMER-MERKES Family of Bettendorf
#19 The Heinrich GRISIUS Family of Hoscheid-Dickt
#20 The PEFFER-ZWANK Family of Moestroff 1832-1942
#21 The MERTES-RUCKERT Family of Strassen
#22 A New Beginning for my German Genealogy Research
#23 A June Wedding in 1901
#24 The Heirloom: 1866 Military Accounts Book (Part I)
#24 The Heirloom: The FOURNELLE-SCHLOESSER Family (Part II)
#25 The Old Homestead: From Weaving Linen to Farming in Mamer
#26 Halfway: The MEDER-WILMES Family of Diekirch
#27 The Sheep Herder’s Family
#28 Tour de Genealogie and the FABER-SCHENTEN Family
#29 Musical: Josephine, a Favorite Name in the LORENTZ-PREUSEN Family
#30 Challenging-To-Research But So Rewarding, The SCHWARTZ-TRIERWEILER Family
#31 SCHMITT-WOLLSCHEID Family Research Made Easy with Cousin Bait
#32 Johann GORGES and Anna Maria BOTZ – 2 of 32
#33 SCHERFF-CLEMENS, A Family Dependent on Each Other
#34 KREMER-FRIEDERICH Family – Using Substitutes to Tell Their Story
#35 MERKES-HASTERT Family – Back to School or Back to Work?
#35 MERKES-HASTERT Family – Back to School or Back to Work?
#37 Antoine WECKERING Becomes Father of his 13th Child at Age 72!
#38 Favorite Place: Moestroff, Home of the PEFFER-GRASSER Family
#39 The ZWANK-DAHM Family of Moestroff
#40 Happy Birthday to Michel of the MERTES-ERPELDING Family
#41 How Jacob RUCKERT’s Brother-in-law Peter SCHMIT Became his Father-in-law
#42 The WILDINGER-SCHRAMEN Family of Ferschweiler
#43 The WEIMANN-WELTER Family of Ernzen
#48 Thankful for a Register Found in Mamer
#50 My Naughty Mr. and Mrs. DEMPSEY
#51 Nice. How I Opened the Door in Cousin Joe’s Brick Wall
#52 Resolution: A Visit to the James SIMS Property

© 2015 Cathy Meder-Dempsey

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