52 Ancestors – 2014: The Plan

In January 2014 I accepted Amy Johnson Crow’s Challenge: 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

ImageMy plan is to post on Mondays. I shared #1, #2, and #3 on our closed family group on Facebook. It was going so well that I decided to start a blog.

I began with my father #1, followed by his parents #2 and #3, and am continuing with their parents (#4-7), grandparents (#8-15), great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents. By the end of the year I should have a nice little book on the ancestors of Fred Rothwell Dempsey and Myrtle Hazel Roop.

These pedigree charts show all of my known paternal ancestors:


#1 Fred Roosevelt DEMPSEY


These are the ancestors that I’ve presented so far:

#1 Fred Roosevelt DEMPSEY 1935-1974
#2 Fred Rothwell DEMPSEY 1899-1975
#3 Myrtle Hazel ROOP 1906-1997
#4 William Henderson DEMPSEY 1860-1941
#5 Laura Belle INGRAM 1868-1940
#6 Walter Farmer ROOP 1883-1971
#7 Rebecca Jane CLONCH 1888-1950
#8 My Most Frustrating Brick Wall – William A. W. DEMPSEY
#9 Sarah Ann WOOD 1827-1887 – Her Husband Came From Outer Space
#10 Irvin Lewis INGRAM 1846-1910
#11 Mary M. DEMPSEY abt. 1845-bet. 1880-1888
#12 Civil War Baby, Gordon Washington ROOP 1862-1930
#13 Milla Susan “Millie” PETERS 1856-1891
#14 Alexander CLONCH Known as “The one who killed the beef at 200 paces”
#15 Tabitha Ann “Tobitha” COOLEY 1861-1913
#16 Elijah WOOD abt. 1806-1885
#17 Rachel HONAKER, wife of Elijah WOOD
#18 Robert INGRAM 1819-abt. 1902
#19 Huldah JOHNSON abt. 1818-bet. 1880-1900
#20 Seaton Y. DEMPSEY abt. 1803-bet. 1880-1890
#21 Clementine GOWING 1814-1880+
#22 Gordon ROOP 1838-1863
#23 Emaline LESTER abt. 1836-1877
#24 Jordan N. PETERS 1796-1890 – War of 1812 Pensioner
#25 Rachel PROFFITT 1817-1899, Widow of War of 1812 Pensioner
#26 William CLONCH abt. 1807-1863
#27 Mary E. “Polly” DOSS ~ An Unwed Mother, Not a Spinster
#28 John COOLEY 1827-aft. 1900
#29 Sarah Ann TREADWAY 1828-bet. 1900-1910
#30 William WOOD died 1835 in Fayette County, (West) Virginia
#31 Mary Ann McGRAW abt. 1781-1840s
#32 Did Frederick HONAKER Use An Alias?
#33 Rachel WISEMAN 1769-bet. 1821-1824
#34 James INGRAM, Where Did You Hide the Key?
#35 Margaret KINCAID abt. 1794-abt. 1865
#36 William JOHNSON Jr. 1793-1845
#37 Nancy Ann SIMS abt. 1793-bet. 1860-1870
#38 William DEMPSEY, son of Susannah of Amherst County, Virginia
#39 Martha “Patsy” LANDRUM, An Orphan
#40 Landon S. GOWING Discovered a Fountain of Youth
#41 Sally CRISP – Parentage PROVEN!!
#42 James ROOP 1808-1890 – Found on 8 Consecutive Censuses!
#43(1) Elizabeth CARROLL abt. 1808-bet. 1880-1890
#43(2) Elizabeth’s parents Robert and Anne CARROLL
#44 Jacob LESTER 1812-1842
#45 Cynthia SUMNER abt. 1815-aft. 1880
#46 Zachariah PETERS of Franklin County, Virginia, Father of a War of 1812 Veteran
#47 Johnny CASH’s 1C5R – Kesiah LIVELY
#48 Who was the father of Rachel PROFFITT? ~ A Study of Family Groups
#49 Sarah COCKRAM, wife of David PROFFITT
#50 Dennis CLONCH a.k.a. Dennis CLAUNCH
#51 Nancy BEASLEY, wife of Dennis CLAUNCH or Dennis CLONCH
#52 Levina DOSS – Another Unmarried Mother and How She Helped Me Bring This Challenge Finale to an End with a Bang!

7 thoughts on “52 Ancestors – 2014: The Plan”

  1. I found your info on William Henry Rooker on Rootsweb. I am helping his granddaughter with her family history and he was a mystery to her. I have been trying to find info oh his parents Wm. & Margaret Carter with no luck. In fact, it looks as if his parents were both dead by 1900. Have you come across any info on them?
    Thanks for any info or suggestions!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Carmen, you picked a doozy! William Henry Rooker married a lady who was married and divorced from a man in my Ingram line. I have no connection. I like to check out the people in a person’s life as they often give me clues about their lives.
      Have you found William in the 1910 and 1920 census? I’m wondering if the places of birth for the parents may be different than on the 1900. Did he use a different spelling for his surname? On wvculture.org there are very few Rookers. If you have an alternate spelling for Rooker, check only the surname for the groom and Carter for the bride – you might find his parents this way. Please email me at meder-dempsey @ pt.lu


  2. One problem I am having is that he is listed as Rooker when he marries Eva Perkins, I have found him in 1920 with his former brother in law, as he had divorced Eva by then. He died as you know in 1921, and had remarried an Elsie Fisher. William & Eva had 2 children. One of them, a son, is my friend’s father. I found 2 possible choices for him in 1910, as a ‘boarder” all n Kanawha. Who did he marry from your line? Elsie? I have gone as far back as 1870, 1880 1900, and am still trying to connect a William senior. There are a couple of possibiliti8es and I did find a possible Margaret Carter, but no marriage record yet for these 2 together. Thanks foe you feedback.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Carmen, William H. Rooker md. Elsie Fisher in my line. I think you should seriously look at the families who spelled their name Rucker. There is always the possibility that the person giving the information on his death record got the first name of the father wrong. Please get in touch with me per email about the Rucker-Carter marriage seen on wvculture.org.


  3. Did you find a Rucker/Carter marriage? Was it a William and Margaret?
    What have you found? Were his parents William and Margaret? Or George and Alice? Thanks


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