Thank you to the following people for mentioning Opening Doors in Brick Walls in their blogs:

January 1, 2017

Vickie Thompson of I Dig My Roots and Branches thanked me in her post, My Blog in Review, for “teaching” her about blog stats.

Mentions from previous years:

Mentions in 2016

Mentions in 2015

Mentions in 2014



6 thoughts on “Mentions”

  1. I noticed a posting about Anna Wallace Baughan and Dexie Lera Wray on Ancestry but could not send a message. Dexie was my Great Aunt and Anna Wallace Baughan Fine was my grandmother’s (Virginia Ruth Wray Brown) mother.


    1. Hello Debra,
      You can get in touch with me by email meder-dempsey @ (remove the space before and after @). I look forward to hearing from you. We could be 6th cousins once removed if only I could find proof that your Tandy Dempsey was the brother of my William Dempsey.
      Best wishes,


    1. Thank you Amy. I’ve thought about “retiring” years 2014 and 2015 (moving them into a sub-page) so the list is easier to view. I’ve been doing mainly mentions from blogs and need to drop the social media part in the descriptive line at the top.

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