Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can

tintypefrontOn 24 February 2015, I received a zip file with 251 images of about 150 old photographs from my 4th cousin once removed, Joe ROONEY. His cousin Sandra LILLIE had saved them from the trash can. Joe and I share my 4th great-grandparents Landon S. GOWING and Sally CRISP as ancestors. The story of how these old photographs came into his possession is included in this note he wrote:

15 February 2015: This collection of photographs was scanned at 300 dpi color by me. The original photos were sent by Sandra Lillie about ten years ago after she found them cleaning out a relative’s garage in Southern Illinois, finding no other takers (suckers). She believes they were a collection by L Vance Lillie. Many of the pictures seemed to be removed from frames or were in albums evidenced by fading characteristics and may have been from other’s collections. I scanned the reverse if there was laboratory advertising or writing. Some of the authors’ identification may be figured out of the handwriting matches. I did not scan the reverse of photos where there was only a three digit number that I believe to be sequence numbers on a roll of film. I didn’t spot any obvious helpful commonalities.

Cousin Joe derived file names from personal recognition or what was written on the reverse side. He used surnames first, given names next, and tried to find some means of differentiating photos of the same person by including detail: sitting, standing, wearing a hat, a date or some other detail from the photo. The pictures that were not identifiable he labeled with UNK and details.

I asked Joe about using the photos and he kindly wrote, Please use them at your will.  I feel it is keeping it in the family and don’t need credit.  If anything, I appreciate your evaluations, identifications, and detective work.  I’m hopeful you and yours enjoy them.  On a blog, in a book, above a cloud.” So as a spin-off of my 52 Ancestors: #14 Albert Spencer LILLIE (1848-1913) ~ Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can blog post I am sharing the photos, one person at a time.

As of 14 October 2015, this collection of photographs is in my possession. Joe Rooney kindly gifted them to me to use on my blog and facilitate the search of possible close descendants interested in giving them a permanent home.

#1 Albert Spencer LILLIE (1848-1913)

#2 Green B. GLASS (1820-1897)

#3 Green Berry Lyon GLASS (1864-1933)

#4 Mary, Daniel, and Lillie SMILEY

#5 Thomas Nathaniel “Tom” LILLIE (1881-1944)

#6 George Wyte LILLIE (1874-1943)

#7 Robert Wiley LILLIE (1895-1940)

#8 Isaac Spencer LILLIE (1872-1932)

#9 Florence ROYALTY (1868-1946)

#10 LILLIE Family 1920 Reunion

#11 In Remembrance of Everett Isaac LILLIE (1915-1944)

#12 Florence ROYALTY’s Postcards

#13 Samuel L. ROYALTY (1829-1902)

#14 Joanna PALMER (1833-ca. 1871)

#15 Mathilda J. “Tillie” ROYALTY (1859-1939)

#16 Charles W. ROYALTY (1861-1922)

#17 John Quincy ROYALTY 1866-1918

#18 Olive ROYALTY 1871-1949

#19 Guy Royaltey BOSWELL 1893-1979

#20 Alnie W. ROYALTY

#21 Fay ROYALTY 1897-1925

#22 Charles Edgar WELLS 1886-1973

#23 Frances “Fannie” WELLS 1892-1975

#24 Unidentified Children

#25 Iowa Doughboy

#26 Hester Ann ROYALTY

#27 Ellen ROYALTY (1824-1903)

#28 Martha Olephene ENOCH (1844-1904)

#29 Alice B. LOSTUTTER (1867-1891)

#30 Caroline “Carrie” ENOCH (b. abt. 1862)

#31 Mary Paddock 1826-1855

#32 Ellen and Phebe PADDOCK

#33 Sarah M. PADDOCK 1835-1919

#34 An Incorrectly Labeled Picture

#35 John M. PADDOCK Family

#36 Otterbein E. PADDOCK 1874-1942

#37 William Alonzo SLANKARD

#38 Dr. James A. CROW Family

#39 The Two Cora B.’s of Pope County, Illinois

#40 It’s a Girl!

#41 Minnie Campbell

#42 Lon Hopwood

#43 Unknown Family

#44 Mianko Karoo

#45 Three LILLIE Men

#46 Mother and Son

#45 Three LILLIE Men and #46 Husband and Wife (Corrections)

#47 Thelma HOLT 1901-1984

#48 Raymond Egbert “Splitty” LILLIE (1904-1970)

#49 Splitty’s Band

#50 Unidentified Bearded Man

#51 An Unidentified Family Portrait

#52 A Collection of Tintypes

#53 Samuel Royalty “Roy” LILLIE 1895-1979

#54 Samuel Royalty “Roy” LILLIE 1895-1979

#55 Samuel Royalty “Roy” LILLIE 1895-1979

#56 Samuel Royalty “Roy” LILLIE 1895-1979

#57 Samuel Royalty “Roy” LILLIE 1895-1979

#58 Samuel Royalty “Roy” LILLIE 1895-1979

#59 Samuel Royalty “Roy” LILLIE 1895-1979

#60 A Souvenir Photo from The Pike

#61 Bartender and Owner of Brazell’s Bar in Detroit

#62 Samuel Roy LILLIE and his Retirement Plaque

#63 Taking a Walk in Detroit

#64 Brother and Sister in 1950

#65 The Collector and a Collectibles Book

#66 Cousin Bait Success Story

#67 John ROYALTY (b. bef. 1803-d. bef. 1850)

#68 Portrait of a Man with Beard

#69 George H. Brown 1872-1929

#70 Bill BROWN

#71 Chester Beryl LILLIE 1900-1921

#72 Ruth Joanna LILLIE 1907-1986

#73 Ruth Joanna LILLIE, Part 2

#74 A Church Gathering of Unknown People

#75 A Group of Women

#76 The LILLIE Family Portrait

#77 Isaac and Florence LILLIE

#78 Fannie WELLS ca. 1910

#79 The Unusual Hairdo

#79 The Unusual Hairdo (Identified)

#80 A White Swan

#81 Lake & Grotto

#82 A Young Florence ROYALTY?

#83 William F. HOLT Family of Brookport, Illinois

#84 Unknown Couple abt. 1894

#85 The Strangest Thing Happened

#86 Tintype of an Unknown Man

#87 Tintypes, Cartes de Visite, Cabinet Cards

#88 An Unidentified Couple

#89 Everett Isaac LILLIE (1915-1944)

#90 Charlie LILLIE and his Mrs. and #90 Charlie LILLIE and his Mrs. (Part 2)

#91 A Series of Brick Wall Photos

Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can – A Blog Book

© 2015-2019, copyright Cathy Meder-Dempsey. All rights reserved.






24 thoughts on “Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can”

  1. This is such a good idea! I ended up with a couple of turn-of-the century velvet photo albums–most of the photos are unidentified. I THINK they are some connection of my step-grandmother. Possibly by featuring the photographer and the town in a blog post, I’ll be able to identify more of them.

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  2. I happened on your site googling something for my own genealogy. I don’t think we are related by blood, but I have lots of roops in my tree, including one who married my great uncle. You have a great site and I have something similar I use to share the discoveries I have found with my extended family. You are welcome to check it out. There may be some articles that are of interest to you including some on Snowville and the area in Pulaski Co. http://www.family.dianathornton.com

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