Extra! Extra! – News from the Archives départementales du Bas-Rhin

I mentioned in an earlier post that the images found on the Archives départementales du Bas-Rhin (67) site are under certain restrictions. Any utilization other than for private use, even non-commerical, is subject to a signed license agreement. What this means is I cannot share images of the records on my blog.

I’ve been working through my source citations adding as many layers as necessary to direct my reader to the actual document and had planned on writing a post on how to use the site. While putting the finishing touches to my latest post on the RUPP-FETZER family I discovered there have been changes made to their site. As I write this the news has been added to their site.


  1. The Adeloch (parish and civil records) and Ellenbach (census) applications are now available online on all supports including tablets or phones.
  2. More records have been added and can be viewed using their new and improved viewer. A function to embed images has been added as well as the collaborative indexation of images.
  3. More records have been added to their online inventory.
  4. A Personal Space has been added where you can register to help with indexation and save images.

The best part of these improvements to the site is the ability to embed images. This will allow users to upload to their website or on their blog, one or more images from the digitized collections. The image will be available in high quality with a built-in zoom. With the use of this technology, it will not be necessary to purchase a specific license for public display of images.

Warning: Some disruption may occur on 17 and 18 May 2016 relating to the updating of content and the higher traffic on the website.

I have not yet been able to embed an image. In the post I had planned to publish today the embedded code created a link to the image on the Archives site and not an embedded image in the blogpost. It will probably be a few days before the feature is live and working correctly.


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Johann Jacob RUPP of Oberhoffen-lès-Wissembourg, Northern Alsace, present-day France

Door 1This door has already been used for the immigrant Johann Jacob RUPP of Oberhoffen-lès-Wissembourg, Northern Alsace, present-day France.

It is a symbol for the research done on this family. The first door is open showing a passageway leading to another door which is closed.

Recent research shows that errors were made when the church records were searched by a previous researcher in the 1990s — but it opened the first door.

For the years between 1685 and 1752 (the year the family went to America), I found about 130 church records for Rupp individuals in the Bas-Rhin Archives. Nearly 65 of these have been inputted and attached to the GEDCOM file.

Once the rest have been inputted I’ll go through the church records again to check for Rupp individuals who were sponsors at baptisms or witnesses to records. This should lead to new clues concerning the relationships of the RUPP family groups in Steinseltz and Oberhoffen-lès-Wissembourg.

Below are the parents and paternal grandparents presently seen in the GEDCOM file:

………………/Johann Jacob RUPP
……./Johann Jacob RUPP
……|……….\Margareta [–?–] RUPP
Johann Jacob RUPP b: 8 MAR 1723 (immigrant)
…….\Maria Apollonia [–?–] RUPP

I now have the maiden name of the immigrant’s mother and her parents’ names. The big surprise is that the paternal grandparents are not the ones seen above!

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