UPDATE: 52 Ancestors: #24 Jordan N. PETERS 1796-1890 – War of 1812 Pensioner

Yesterday while doing some edits to my draft on Jordan’s third wife Rachel PROFFITT
(52 Ancestors: #25) I realized that I don’t have a source for Jordan N. PETERS‘ middle name. I went to my  experts (Facebook friends and PETERS descendants) for help:

Paula Kelley Ward, Mike Peters, Dorothy James (and any other PETERS descendants) In all records that I have seen for Jordan N. PETERS he has never been listed with a middle name, only with the middle initial N. Could it have been assumed by an earlier researcher that his middle name was Nichols as a grandson and a great-grandson (both through his son Jonathan) were named Jordan Nichols/Nicholas Peters? I checked marriage records of all children, censuses, “Jordan’s Story” by Paula but cannot find a source for his middle name. Not citing all sources is coming back to haunt me!

Of course Paula was the first to reply:

You are absolutely correct, Cathy Meder-Dempsey. His supposed middle name, “Nichols,” has never been proven. His records only include the middle initial “N.” I’m glad you’ve questioned this, because I’ve always been doubtful. I’m going to update my records to include only the middle initial. I will also add a note about the supposed middle name being “Nichols.”

I didn’t wait for more comments as Paula’s response was exactly what I had expected.

I’ve removed the assumed middle name “Nichols” from Jordan’s post and added a short line about the correction.

MRIN00056 War of 1812 pension card for Jordan Peters
War of 1812 Pension Card for Jordan N. Peters [https://archive.org/stream/indextowarof0074unit#page/n381/mode/2up]
The 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge has given me a new perspective on what I know and need to know about my ancestors.

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