Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can ~ #38 Dr. James A. CROW Family

YoungerCrowfamilytinyYoungerCrowfamilybacktinyAbout 1890-1891 the young family of Dr. James A. CROW and his wife Anna Mae HODGE posed for a photograph with their young son William Jacob HODGE in Golconda, Pope County, Illinois, at the Alt studio.

James of Massac County and Anna of Pope County, married about 1889. Their first child Willie was born on 28 January 1890 in Kentucky.

James and Anna had two daughters before the 1900 census. Flora A. was born in Illinois on 6 May 1893 and Ruth K. in Kentucky on 28 August 1895. In 1900 the family was living in Pope County. Their third daughter Ruby Harriet was born on 15 September 1902 and died in Pope County on 30 January 1904.

About 1909 Anna wrote on the back of a photograph of herself with her husband and two daughters:

CrowfamilybacktinyFrom left to right
Jim, Flora, Anna & Ruth
Hello how are you all? I have wanted
to write every (sic) since I was down but put
it off. How is the baby and Ruthie, bless her
heart. How I wish I could see you all. How do
you like this weather. I don’t like it very much.
What are you going to do Christmas.
Come up! Let me hear from you real soon.

Yours, Anna Crow

Flora would have been 16 and Ruth 14.

CrowfamilytinyThe photograph is not dated and Anna did not write the name of the person she was writing the note to. From the text I believe it was taken most likely in 1909 and was for Florence ROYALTY. My only doubt comes from Anna’s writing, “since I was down” and “come up.” Florence lived in the Jefferson District of Pope County and Anna lived southwest of her in Benton, Massac County. Did she mean it literally as in coming to a higher place from a lower place? Or did Anna consider Pope County as “down home?”

Anna M. HODGE and Florence ROYALTY were born about six months apart in 1868 and most likely on adjacent land. In 1870 when Anna was 2 years old she was enumerated with her parents William Stewart HODGE (real estate valued at $2000) and Harriet TAYLOR in HH#153-153 in Township 13 Range 6, Pope County, IL. Florence who was also 2 years old was enumerated with her parents Samuel L. ROYALTY (real estate valued at $2000) and Joanna PALMER in HH#151-151. Living in HH#152-152 was George HODGE (real estate valued $0), a farmhand without land.

Samuel’s mother Sarah ROYALTY née LUNDERMON and Johanna PADDOCK, who four years later would marry the widowed Samuel, were living with the HODGE family. Samuel L. ROYALTY came from Indiana to Pope County after the Civil War and before 1866.  His mother may have come with his family to Illinois while his sisters remained in Indiana. Johanna PADDOCK, an “old maid” and first cousin of Samuel’s wife Joanna PALMER, also came to Illinois from Indiana in the 1860s.

Anna’s sister Julia (1858-1924) married Florence’s oldest brother Chester Ashley ROYALTEY (1856-1917). Anna and Florence were neighbors, went to school together and may have been best friends growing up. They both named their daughters Ruth and Ruby. The baby mentioned in the note was Joe ROONEY‘s mother Ruby Pernecia LILLIE who was born in April 1909.

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Unpacking the Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can Collection

Have you been following my series of posts on the Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can?

Thursday evening one of my Facebook friends commented on my latest post asking if I thought they had really been retrieved. The answer, as of Wednesday, is definitely YES! They are now ALL in my possession.

Several months after these precious photographs were nearly destroyed a second time due to a fire in a downstairs neighbor’s home, my cousin Joe, after not finding anyone in his area who wanted them, decided to pack them up and mail the entire collection to me. Thank you Joe.

The package I received this past Wednesday
Partly unpacked content
Dear Cathy! Please enjoy! Cousin Joe
The largest photographs from the package
The postcard size photographs….
Another stack included large,…
…and medium to small photographs.
Tintype (middle), penny pictures (top), and WWII period prints (left and below)
A family group photograph on glass (lower right)

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