The Key that Opened the Door in the Schintgen Brick Wall

While gathering the records to tell the story of my 5th great-grandparents Hubert CORNELY and Margaretha EVEN from Wickrange in Luxembourg, I made an awesome discovery which turned out to be a key to open the door in a brick wall.

Hubert and Margaretha’s marriage banns were proclaimed in Reckange-sur-Mess and in Obercorn, the towns they lived in at the time. There was no opposition and the couple married in Reckange on 23 March 1779.1 The marriage record was written in Latin. I’m fluent in English, Luxembourgish, French, and German but Latin is not a language I learned in school. I’ve picked up many of the words in church records but am stumped when it comes to grammar and declension. I can usually pick out the most important parts: the date; names of persons present, residences, and occupations.

1779 Marriage Record of Hubert CORNELY and Margaretha EVEN

Religious marriage records for the most part follow a pattern and can be between two lines and two to three pages long depending on the priest and persons marrying. The longer the better as long as the handwriting is legible.

This marriage record is nearly an entire page and has quite a few marks and signatures at the end. Names and locations were easily abstracted but some of the words were not legible until I got used to the handwriting.

This line stood out:

qua testibus Huberto Schingtgen avunculo sponsi ex Schuweiler

Hubert CORNELY’s mother was Marie SCHINTGEN whose parents and siblings were not known at the time. The spelling is different but at the bottom of the record the witness left his mark and his name was written Huberti SCHINTGEN.

witnessed by Hubert Schintgen uncle of the bridegroom from Schouweiler.

With this short line in the marriage record, I had a lead to the parentage of Marie SCHINTGEN (1725-1790). These are the steps I took to find them.

✔ for Hubert SCHINTGEN’s marriage

Tables des mariages 1700-1798 (index organisée par l’époux/l’épouse), is a card index of marriages performed in parishes in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg before 1800. I wrote about how this database came into existence in this post:

My genealogy society Luxracines has the marriage collection indexed on the Luxracines website which makes it a bit easier to search than browsing the digital images of the cards.

I did a simple search for Hubert SCHINTGEN (SCHENTGEN). This turned up a marriage in Dahlem in 1764 for Hubert SCHENTGEN and Anne SIMON.

✔ the 1764 marriage record

Hubert seen in the 1779 marriage record was from Schouweiler which is in the parish of Dahlem. Geographically this could be a match. At FamilySearch there were two collections which could include the 1764 marriage record:

Baptêmes, mariages, sépultures 1763-1797

1764 Marriage Record of Hubert SCHENTGEN and Anna SIMON

The marriage was recorded in table format and included the groom’s parents and the bride’s deceased husbands’ names. The marriage took place in Schouweiler.2

Baptêmes 1713-1787, 1794, mariages 1713-1785, 1794, sépultures 1794

1764 Marriage Record of Hubert SCHENTGEN and Anna SIMON

This format actually had the same information as the table format found in the first collection.3 It was a first marriage for Hubert SCHENTGEN (highlighted in yellow) and a third for his bride Anna SIMON (highlighted in orange below) who was the widow of Nicolas ARENDT and of Nicolas KIRBACH. Most important at this time were the names of the parents of Hubert: Michaelis SCHENTGEN and Susanna JOST, a married couple from Mondercange.

This was something to keep in mind for later. The entry above Hubert and Anna’s is for another marriage which took place the same day. Anna’s son Joes (Johannes or Jean) ARENDT from her first marriage (highlighted in orange above) married Catharina SCHENTGEN, daughter of Christian SCHENTGEN and Anna MESCH (later seen as MEYERS or MEYERSCH) (highlighted in pink).

✔ for Michel SCHENTGEN’s marriage

Back on Luxracines’ website, the search for SCHINTGEN or SCHENTGEN with the first name Michel or any variations of the first name was negative. I used the advanced search to filter out surnames starting with SCHINT and SCHENT with a first name starting with Mich. Only one hint was close: Michel SCHINTGES married Susanne JACQUE on 18 June 1713 in Mondercange.

✔ for Michel and Susanne’s marriage record

Although the bride’s maiden name was JACQUE instead of JOST, I looked up the index card for the marriage for possible further information. Individuals in Luxembourg church records may be found with a house name instead of a surname. In this case, it is prudent to view all records for the individual or their relatives to determine if the name is consistent.

1713 Index Card with marriage information for Michael SCHINTGES and Susanne JACQUE

Additional information found on the card: the groom was from Mondercange and widowed (veuf), the bride was from Schifflingen, and the record was in the parish records of Mondercange on page 135.4

1713 Marriage entry for Michael SCHINTGES and Susanna JACQUE

The actual record gave no further identifying information. Parents’ names were not included.5

✔️ for Michel and Susanne’s children

Mondercange is one of the parishes in Luxembourg which has records missing for certain (long) periods of time. The only collection which would include children born to a couple married in 1713 is:

Baptêmes 1667-1673, 1702-1729, confirmations 1696-1714, mariages 1694-1726, sépultures 1677-1694, 1698-1726

This is the book with the earliest church records for Mondercange. I searched for the year 1713 and worked my way forward to 1729 recording each child born to Michel and Susanne. The mother’s maiden name wasn’t listed in any of these baptismal records however the names of the godparents looked promising.

  1. Anna baptized 23 Oct 1714, godparents were Petrus Hilbert of Schifflingen and Anna Kirsch from Ehlingen6
  2. Christianus baptized 25 Nov 1716, godparents were Christianus Schintges and Maria Hautinger (likely Huttinger) both of Mondercange7
  3. Jacobus baptized 16 July 1719, godparents were Jacobus Jost from Schifflingen and Maria Schintgen from Mondercange8
  4. Michael Balthasar baptized 6 Jan 1722, godparents were  Michael Reuter and Maria Marx, both of Mondercange9
  5. Maria baptized 3 May 1725, godparents were Joan Jungers and Maria Josten Jack (no place of residence listed)10

In the above list of children, child #3 Jacob’s godfather was Jacob JOST of Schifflingen. Could he be the grandfather or a maternal uncle of the child? The surname of the godmother of child #5 Maria (who I believe is very likely my 6th great-grandmother) was corrected from JOSTEN (a variation of JOST) to JACK (a variation of JACQUE). Was she a maternal aunt or other relation?

I believe Susanna JACQUE seen in the 1713 marriage record is Susanna JOST seen in the 1764 marriage record of Hubert SCHINTGEN. Hubert likely was born after 1729 during the time period 1730 to 1778 in which baptisms are missing for this parish. There may have been more children who will never be found due to the missing years.

Note: There was another Michel SCHINTGEN with a wife named Maria having children at the same time in Steinbrücken, also a part of the Mondercange parish. Their children’s records appear to show the parents were Michel Schintgen and Marie Schmidt who married 31 March 1706 in Mondercange. This helped to discard persons of the same name.

✔️ online family trees for SCHINTGEN in Mondercange

I searched the members’ trees on Luxracines as well as for SCHINTGEN (and other spellings) in Mondercange. Very few Luxracines members who share their GEDCOM files have worked on early families of Mondercange, likely due to the many missing records. One tree on Geneanet shows Michel SCHINTGEN married to both Susanna and Maria. Obviously, a mistake I was able to avoid as I had paid attention to the family group living in Mondercange and the family group living in Steinbrücken (Pontpierre).

The SCHINTGEN families of Luxembourg seem to all have had a Michel!

✔️ for pre-1713 baptisms

Since Michel SCHINTGEN who married Susanna JACQUE was a widower, I checked for children born before the 1713 marriage. Only one child was found:

Joes (Johannes) baptized 5 July 1709, parents were Michel and Angela, godparents were Joes Kauffman and Maria Roden both of Mondercange.11

With this information, I checked for a death record for Angela after the child’s birth in 1709 and before the marriage in 1713. I found a death record dated 16 May 1711 for Angela SCHINDGES of Mondercange.12 It is a one-liner and does not mention the wife of or a child of. No confirmation that Angela was the wife of Michel. Angela SCHINDGES was not the only person of this name in the town of Mondercange as another death entry was recorded on 24 July 1714 for a widow named Angela SCHINTGES.

✔ for missing records (substitutions)

For the years 1727 to 1778 records of baptism, marriage, and death are missing in Mondercange. I believe Child #5 Maria SCHINTGEN is my ancestress Maria who was the mother of the bride at the 1779 marriage at which her brother Hubert was a witness.

My Maria married Pierre CORNELY and had five children. Three of these children’s baptismal records include the names of people with the SCHINTGEN surname:

Son Michel CORNELY baptized 16 May 1758 had as godparents Michael Schintgen and Maria Steichen both of Mondercange13

Son Nicolas CORNELY baptized 5 July 1760 had as godparents Nicolas Spreitzer from Luxembourg and Catharina Schöntgen from Wickrange14

Catharina CORNELY baptized 2 Jan 1769 had as godparents Petro Kirsch from Wickrange and Catharina Schintgen from Schouweiler15

The questions these godparents bring up:

  • Is Michel SCHINTGEN of Mondercange the maternal grandfather or a maternal uncle?
  • Is Catharina SCHINTGEN from Schouweiler the wife of Jean ARENDT and the daughter of Christian SCHINTGEN, a maternal uncle of the child? This would mean she was also the step-daughter of Hubert SCHINTGEN. (see 1764 marriage found while searching for Hubert)

To-do list

To learn more of the JOST or JACQUE connection in Schifflingen, the church records for that location need to be browsed. However, the earliest available records are baptisms for 1708-1778 and confirmations for 1745-1776. No marriages prior to 1779. Both too late to find Susanna JACQUE aka JOST who moved away from Schifflingen at the time of her marriage in 1713. Are there Luxembourg researchers who have worked with the Schifflingen church records or on the JOST or JACQUE families who would be willing to share? It would be helpful if someone would step forward as it would save me the time to extract all of the names into a table for analysis.

Genealogy Sketch

Parents: Michel SCHINTGEN and Susanna JOST aka JACQUE
Spouse: Pierre CORNELY
Children: Hubert, Michel, Nicolas, Maria, Catharina
Whereabouts: Mondercange and Wickrange (Reckange-sur-Mess)
Relationship to Cathy Meder-Dempsey: 6th great-grandmother

2. Hubert CORNELY
3. Catharina CORNELY
5. Marie MAJERUS
6. Catharina FRANTZ
7. Marie Marcelle FOURNELLE


The key I found in the 1779 marriage record of my 5th great-grandparents Hubert CORNELY and Margaretha EVEN opened the door to the SCHINTGEN brick wall. I feel certain Michel SCHINTGEN and Susanna JOST were my 7th great-grandparents as they were the parents of Hubert SCHINTGEN, the uncle of Hubert CORNELY and brother of my 6th great-grandmother Marie SCHINTGEN. It’s the rest which needs firming up.
© 2019, copyright Cathy Meder-Dempsey. All rights reserved.

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52 Ancestors: #46 Jean Baptiste Majerus and Catharina Cornely of Strassen

My second great-grandmother Marie MAJERUS (1850-1931) is like a knothole in a fence. She was the only child of her parents Jean MAJERUS (1817-1887) and Maria TRAUSCH (1820-1875). On one side of the fence, she was the mother of ten children, eight of whom married and continued the line. On the other side of the fence, are her parents, grandparents, and other ancestors. Marie is a mitochondrial ancestress whose direct line goes back to my 6th great-grandmother Anna Catharina RONAS (b. abt. 1710).

When I re-visited my research this week for Marie’s paternal grandparents, Jean Baptiste MAJERUS (1797-1868) and  Catharina CORNELY (1794-1871), I realized how much information was hidden behind the fence. She had many aunts and uncles and cousins.

Nearly all of my maternal fourth great-grandparents were born in the 1760s or 1770s. Jean Baptiste and Catharina were much younger being born in the 1790s.  In turn, their children were born after civil records became required in Luxembourg. They lived long lives and were found on eleven censuses taken between 1843 and 1867.

Jean Baptiste MAJERUS

Faubourg de Grund, Luxembourg City

Jean Baptiste, son of Jean MAJERUS and Margretha BREGER, was born on 9 Germinal in the year V or 29 March 1797 in the Faubourg de Grund, a suburb located on the banks of the Alzette River in the valley below the center of Luxembourg City. In Luxembourgish, it is known as Gronn.

At the time of his birth, his parents were a legally married couple. The informants who accompanied the father to report the birth were Jean Baptiste BRETER, age 64 years, and Michel BRETER’s wife Anne Catherine GRASBERGER, age 36 years.

A marriage record for the couple has not yet been located. I suspect Jean Baptiste was their first child and the informants who accompanied the father were the child’s maternal grandfather and maternal uncle’s wife.

Faubourg de Grund, Luxembourg City

Jean and Margaretha had two more children born in the Gronn in 1799 and 1801 before moving their family to Strassen where their last known child was born in 1806. Jean MAJERUS was a draper in 1797, a wool spinner or fileur de laine in 1799 and 1801 as well as in 1823 and 1830 when two children married. He was no longer working by 1843 when the census was taken.

Catharina CORNELY

Catharina, daughter of Hubert CORNELY  and Margaretha EVEN, was born on 24 April 1794 in Wickrange in the commune of Reckange-sur-Mess. She was baptized on 25 June 1794 in Reckange-sur-Mess. It is unusual, for this time period, for a baptism to take place two months after the birth. Normally the rite was performed the same or following day. Other baptismal entries on the same page of the register show delays. The priest may have had more than one parish under his jurisdiction and did not travel on a daily or weekly basis.

Catharina was the second youngest of nine known children. Her parents were married in 1779. When their first child was born on 17 June 1780 they chose a maternal uncle by marriage to be the godfather. Joannes ERPELDING of Kackerterhof, the husband of Catherine EVEN.

Kackerterhof was the ancestral home of my husband’s 5th great-grandparents Caspar ERPELDING (d. 1779) and Gertrudes JEHNEN (1724-1774). Joannes, the godfather mentioned above, was an older brother of my husband’s 4th great-grandfather Nicolas ERPELDING. When I worked on the ERPELDING line I wondered if the EVEN lady who married into the family could be related to my Margaretha EVEN. The marriage records of both EVEN ladies show their parents were Léonard EVEN and Marie IRY, my 6th great-grandparents.

Hubert CORNELY died on 29 August 1816 in Wickrange. Of his nine children, only his oldest son Jean and his two youngest daughters Catharina and Catherine have been researched. It is not known, at this time, if the six children born between 1782 and 1793 survived, married, or had lines which continue.

Jean Baptiste and Catharina’s Marry Young

My fourth great-grandparents, Catharina, 22 years old, and Jean Baptiste, 20 years old, were married on Friday, 25 April 1817. The bride and groom could not write but the father of the groom, Jean MAJERUS signed his name to the marriage record. The record officialized just in the nick of time as a month later their first child Jean, my third great-grandfather, was born on 24 May 1817 in Strassen.

The newlywed father Jean Baptiste complicated things a bit when he reported the birth of his first son. He may have been a bit nervous when he went to the city hall at four in the afternoon. The mother of the child on the birth record was seen as Maria CORNELY instead of Catharina – was it the father’s nervousness or an error made by the clerk? Jean Baptiste and Catharina’s son Jean was born at 11 o’clock in the morning. His father could not read and write and did not sign the record which was witnessed by two other persons who were present.

These were the children born to Catharina and Jean Baptiste:

  • Ch 1: Jean MAJERUS (1817-1887) born 24 May 1817
  • Ch 2: Mathias MAJERUS (1819-1895) born 29 Jan 1819
  • Ch 3: Jean MAJERUS (1821-1880) born 6 Aug 1821
  • Ch 4: Maria Catharina MAJERUS (1823-1823) born 27 Sep 1823. She died at the age of two months on 6 December 1823.
  • Ch 5: Jacques MAJERUS (1825-1900) born 12 Apr 1825
  • Ch 6: Jean Baptiste MAJERUS (1827-1893) born 8 Aug 1827
  • Ch 7: Marie MAJERUS (1830-?) born 12 May 1830
  • Ch 8: Peter MAJERUS (1832-1884) born 25 Dec 1832
  • Ch 9: Nicolas MAJERUS (1835-?) born 27 May 1835
  • Ch 10: Jean Pierre  MAJERUS (1837- ) born 25 Sep 1837
  • Ch 11: Michel MAJERUS (1840-1906) born 14 Dec 1840

The maternal grandmother of the children, Margaretha EVEN died on 14 September 1839 in Wickrange before the youngest grandchild was born. Her death was reported by her oldest son who lived in the village. Her youngest daughter Catherine had married in 1824 and was raising a small family in Bertrange. Sadly, six of Catherine’s known eight children died infancy, unlike Catharina’s children who were strong and lived to adulthood. All except for one daughter who died at the age of two months.

A little over a half a dozen years later Catharina and Jean Baptiste’s nine sons and a daughter began to marry.

  • Ch 2: Mathias married Barbara SCHMIT (1819- ) on 6 May 1846 in Strassen.
  • Ch 1: Jean married Maria TRAUSCH (1820-1875) on 31 May 1849 in Mamer. They were my third great-grandparents and the only couple to not raise a family in Strassen.
  • Ch 3: Jean married Anna Maria HENGEN (1819-1881) on 24 Apr 1850 in Strassen.

Jean Baptiste’s parents died before the rest of the children married. His mother Margretha BREGER died on 1 April 1851 and his father Jean MAJERUS died on 5 July 1852, both in Strassen where they had lived since 1802. This census listing for 1847 shows they had been living in the commune for 45 years.

This census record, as well as the preceding and following ones, give Jean MAJERUS’s place of birth as France while the last he was seen on indicates he was born in Larochette (Felz). This same place was seen on his death record. Was he born in Boulay-Moselle in France (the only place I could find which sounded like Boulé seen on the 1846 and 1849 census) or in Larochette? Will this lead to his parents?

The children continued to marry:

  • Ch 7: Marie married Théodore JOST (1834- ) on 6 November 1855 in Strassen.
  • Ch 5: Jacques married Catharina GOFFINET (1826-1898) on 18 February 1857 in Luxembourg City.
  • Ch 8: Peter married Madelaine HOFFMANN (1827-1884) on 30 November 1857 in Strassen.
  • Ch 6: Jean Baptiste married Elisabeth HUBERT (1832- ) on 28 December  1858 in Strassen.
  • Ch 10: Jean Pierre married Anne KLEIN (1840- ) on 28 May 1862 in Strassen.

In 1865 Michel, the youngest of the children went to America. All of his living siblings [except perhaps Nicolas who has not been traced after the 1855 census] were now married and raising families. Birth records for 40 grandchildren of Jean Baptiste and Catharina were found – all except for one, my Maria MAJERUS, were born in Strassen. During some years there were between three to five MAJERUS grandchildren born within months of each other.

Due to the amount of time it took to look up, download, and correctly cite the birth records,  I have not even begun to look for the death records of the spouses and children of the MAJERUS children of Jean Baptiste and Catharina. [Note: RootsWeb WorldConnect where I keep my GEDCOM is supposed to be back online within the next few weeks.]

Jean Baptiste MAJERUS died on 7 July 1868 in Strassen at the age of 71 years. His two youngest sons Peter and Jean Pierre were the informants on his death record.

Michel, the youngest of the bunch who had gone to America in 1865, married Mary MAUS about 1870 in Minnesota. Did he write to his mother, letting her know he was doing well, married, and living in St. Cloud, Stearns County, Minnesota?

Catharina CORNELY was 77 years old when she died on 10 June 1871 in Strassen. Her oldest and youngest sons who lived in Strassen, Jean and Jean Pierre were the informants for her death.

All of Jean Baptiste and Catharina’s children who married had children except for their youngest son Michel. He and his wife raised two of her MAUS nieces. Michel died in 1906 and his widow Mary died in 1923. She was a very religious woman who left bequeaths in her will for masses to be read for the soul of her husband, herself, and other poor souls. She also left bequeaths to a Catholic church, for an orphanage to be built ($5000), to a nephew who was studying for the priesthood, to the children of several of her deceased siblings as well as two godchildren. To her niece Mary A. MAJERUS (a MAUS niece she raised who took the MAJERUS name) she left $10,000, all real estate, and the residue and remainder of all property. Mary A. MAJERUS never married and died in 1960.

Until next week, when I will be writing about the last set of 4th great-grandparents, Michel TRAUSCH and Catharina HAMES of Mamer.

© 2018, copyright Cathy Meder-Dempsey. All rights reserved.