Colleen Greene’s Genealogy Snapshot UPDATE

Update to Friday’s blogpost Colleen Greene’s Genealogy Snapshot

After my post and chatting with Colleen she offered to write a code for the “pretty box” to frame the Genealogy Snapshot. Here’s her post on how to add the box:

Blogging for Genealogy: Adding a Lineage Snapshot Box to Ancestor Posts in & Blogger

This is what my first Genealogy Sketch looked like:


And this is what it now looks like with Colleen’s “pretty box” code:


Looks so professional! Thank you Colleen. Can’t wait to see who else will use your code!

P.S. Tried it out on 52 Ancestors: #4 The Plumber/Tinsmith and the Seamstress

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Colleen Greene’s Genealogy Snapshot

Colleen Greene wrote an easy to follow guide on how she adds her Genealogy Snapshot Boxes to her blog and shared the post with the Genealogy Bloggers group on Facebook yesterday.

WordPress for Genealogy: Adding a Lineage Snapshot Box to Blog Posts About Ancestors, Part I

I have little experience with html and am always glad for any help I can get. My blog is on and not self-hosted so I can’t do the nice box that she has. I’ve seen this on several of Colleen’s posts (such a cool idea) and wanted to do something similar. I didn’t want to steal her idea but when she posted her how-to I had to try it out.

First I changed the name to Genealogy Sketch and since I can’t use a box I added a short row of symbols to separate it from the upper part of this blogpost: 52 Ancestors: #52 Levina DOSS – Another Unmarried Mother and How She Helped Me Bring This Challenge Finale to an End with a Bang!

Screenshot from my 52 Ancestors: #52 post from 2014.

Colleen wrote, “You are welcome to copy and paste my code into your own blog to try it out and keep using it if you want.” Thank you Colleen. If you want to try doing your own or Colleen’s version visit her blogpost for instructions.

I am going to be adding my Genealogy Sketch to the new 52 Ancestors posts this year and when I have a few moments I’ll go in and add them to the ones from last year.

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