Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can ~ #28 Martha Olephene ENOCH (1844-1904)

Martha Olephene ENOCH (1844-1904) was the oldest known daughter of Ellen ROYALTY (1824-1903) and Hananiah R. ENOCH (1823-1902). Her middle name was found on the 1860 census (Randolph, Ohio County, Indiana). She married Capt. David LOSTUTTER (1838-1899) on 11 June 1865 in Rising Sun, Ohio County, Indiana. They were the parents of two known children, Alice B. LOSTUTTER and Edward H. LOSTETTER (yes, the spelling of the surname changed).

MarthaOEnochOn the back of the photograph she was identified as Mrs. David LOSTUTTER.

MarthaOEnochbackA photograph of her daughter Alice B. LOSTUTTER will be featured next week and one of her sister Caroline “Carrie” ENOCH the following week.

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