Moving Day! Umzug der Daus Bibliothek

logo_klengIn May 2013 I went on a fieldtrip to Germany with my genealogy society Luxracines. Starting with a cruise of the Mosel River on a Roman ship, followed by lunch at a typical German “Gasthaus” and a tour of Peter Daus’ private library, in Haus Daus.

_MG_5159 a
Peter Daus

The library was made up of about 2000 family books for localities in Rheinland-Pfalz and Saarland. In comparison, the Beda Bücherei (library) in Bitburg had a collection of about 150 family books for the Eifel area and the Bistumsarchiv (diocese archives) of Trier had about 1200 family books in 2013.

When we visited Mr. Daus’ library I thought it would be my my last chance to see the amazing collection of Family Books as he had plans to dispose of the collection.

Little did I know two and a half years later my husband and I would be making a trip to Wittlich, Germany, to help move Peter Daus’ library to Luxembourg.

Umzug der Daus Bibliothek
30 September 2015

_MG_5152 aPacking boxes had to be set up.

_MG_5158 aThe cabinets were opened and we began filling the boxes,
labelling with felt tip markers, and taping.

_MG_5157 aConditions were a bit cramped and the room heated up as we worked.

_MG_5160 a The boxes had to be transported down one flight of stairs

IMG_1221and loaded into the vehicles.

_MG_5167 aIn less than two hours we had everything packed, loaded,

_MG_5169 aand the cabinets emptied and once again closed.

_MG_5177 aTen of the eleven helpers taking a break after the hard work.
Romain Krier who took most of these photos is missing here.

IMG_1231We enjoyed a nice lunch on the covered terrace of Restaurant Daus before we left Wittlich with Daus Bibliothek for Luxembourg.

IMG_1238In Luxembourg the moving boxes were removed from the vehicules, placed on wooden pallets for easier transportation with the hand pallet truck.

Daus BiblioThe Daus Bibliothek, in it’s temporary storage space.

The permanent location needs to be equipped, the material catalogued and bookshelves filled with the collection.

Until then, be still my impatient genealogy heart….

Photos courtesy of Romain Krier and Rob Deltgen, used with permission.

logo_klengMany thanks to Erich Singer who did a great job filming, cutting and editing.
Click here to watch the video.

© 2015 Cathy Meder-Dempsey