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Do you feel responsible for errors in others’ family trees?

A Trip to Northern Alsace, France

Generation 1: Hannes Bartel RUPP

17th Century Ancestors: Anna Sybilla and Hannes Bartel RUPP

Generation 2: Johann Jacob RUPP, der Jüngere (the younger)

The RUPP-FETZER Family of Oberhoffen-lès-Wissembourg

Generation 3: Johann Jacob RUPP aka Jacob RUPE, the emigrant

The Johann Jacob Rupp Family History Spans Two Continents

Johann Jacob RUPP of Oberhoffen, Northern Alsace, present-day France

Rupe/Roop/Ruppe/Rupp Migration in the Years 1752-1820

“I found the ship!”

How to Find Your 18th Century Immigrant’s Signature

Rhineharts Folly in Pipe Creek Hundred, Baltimore County, Maryland

Where I Found the Land Records of my RUPE Ancestors in Maryland

Three Fantastic Finds Made While Researching 1752 Immigrant Johann Jacob Rupp

Proof of Patriotic Service During the Revolutionary War for Jacob RUPE

Generation 4: Henry RUPE and Catherine Barbara NOLL of Baltimore County, Maryland, Rockbridge County, Virginia, and Montgomery County, Virginia

Henry RUPE and Catherine Barbara NOLL ~ The Early Years in Maryland (1765-1793)

Henry RUPE and Catherine Barbara NOLL ~ The Years in Rockbridge (1793-1801)

Henry RUPE and Catherine Barbara NOLL ~ At Home on the Old Henry Roop Place

Henry RUPE and Catherine Barbara NOLL ~ Family Life in Montgomery County, Virginia

The Last Will and Testament of Henry RUPE 1765-1845

Henry RUPE’s Estate and his Widow Catherine’s Last Days

A Date of Death for Catherine Barbara NOLL (1768-1859)

Generation 5: James ROOP of Floyd County, Virginia

James ROOP 1808-1890 – Found on 8 Consecutive Censuses!

Elizabeth CARROLL abt. 1808-bet. 1880-1890

Elizabeth’s parents Robert and Anne CARROLL

Generation 6: Gordon ROOP, a casualty of the Civil War

Gordon ROOP 1838-1863

Emaline LESTER abt. 1836-1877

Generation 6: 3rd Great-Grand Uncle James Anderson ROOP

Discovery of the Year….of the Decade!

Generation 6: 3rd Great-Grand Uncle Hamilton N. ROOP and his wife Mary Elizabeth EPPERLY

The ROOP Couple Who Were Buried Before They Died

Generation 6: Crockett RUPE, son of Mary “Polly” ROOP, grandson of Henry RUPE and Catherine Barbara NOLL

A Family Bible, An Application for DAR, and Genealogy Networking

Generation 7: Gordon Washington ROOP, born in Floyd County, Virginia and moved to Kanawha County, West Virginia

Civil War Baby, Gordon Washington ROOP 1862-1930

Milla Susan “Millie” PETERS 1856-1891

Generation 8: Walter Farmer ROOP, a coal miner and artist

Walter Farmer ROOP 1883-1971

A West Virginia Coal Miner’s Poetic Memories

Great-grandfather Roop’s Art

Great-grandfather Roop’s Poetry

Rebecca Jane CLONCH 1888-1950

Generation 8: 3C3R Nora Mae ROOP and Sherman Paris LUCAS

Correcting a Date of Death with Virginia Vital Records

Generation 9: Myrtle Hazel ROOP, my paternal grandmother

Myrtle Hazel ROOP 1906-1997

Fearless Females: Happy Birthday Grandma!!

Grandma Dempsey’s Quilts

Cardinal Feeding Little Ones

Fred Rothwell DEMPSEY 1899-1975

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