Henry RUPE and Catherine Barbara NOLL ~ Family Life in Montgomery County, Virginia

This is where we left off following The Early Years in Maryland (1765-1793), The Years in Rockbridge (1793-1801), and At Home on the Old Henry Roop Place:

The trip with eight children, animals, and household goods was not a trip to the store. The oldest son Jacob was fifteen and his brothers Henry and John, the twins, were twelve, all three old enough to help their father. Their little brother George being seven years old probably followed them everywhere they went not wanting to be considered a sissy by sticking around his sisters and mother. Elizabeth, the oldest daughter and fourteen, may have been responsible for keeping her siblings in line, maybe bossing 9 years old Barbara around, and watching over little Caty who was six while their mother cared for baby William.

The family of Henry RUPE and Catherine Barbara NOLL reached Montgomery County in time for Catherine to give birth to Samuel on 4 September 1801.[1] Six boys and three girls. But they were not yet finished with the family planning.

He erected another mill on this farm, as he and a son, Jacob, were both expert millwrights. He and his hardy sons felled the forest and cleared most of this land where they erected a large log dwelling on an eminence overlooking the spring, stillhouse, and mill, and to protect them from a surprise attack by the Indians, who were then quite numerous.[2]

While Henry and his “hardy sons” were busy clearing the land and building a new home for  the family, Catherine gave birth to child number ten, Mary also known as Polly about 1802.[3] In 1868 when Polly’s oldest son reported her death he gave her place of birth as Lunenburg County.[4] This death notice has not been found or confirmed and is the cause of a discrepancy in the family tradition.

I suspect her place of birth is incorrect considering the geographical location of Lunenburg County compared to Rockbridge and Montgomery counties where the family was said to be before and after her birth. It would mean Henry and his family left Rockbridge County traveling through Montgomery County where their son Samuel is said to be born, on to Lunenburg County where Polly is said to be born, and then back to Montgomery County where they finally settled down.

About the same time Henry RUPE bought his first tract of land in the county in 1804 his wife Catherine gave birth to her eleventh child, a daughter Rachel.[5] His family was still growing and he found a necessity for more land as seen in Henry RUPE and Catherine Barbara NOLL ~ At Home on the Old Henry Roop Place.

Henry and Catherine became the parents of a daughter Nancy in 1806[6] and a son James, my 4th great-grandfather and their 13th child, about 1808.[7]

When the census was taken on 6 August 1810[8] Henry RUPE was 45 years old and his household included 17 persons as follows:

1810 U.S. Federal Census
Montgomery County, Virginia
Page 18, Henry Rupe
4 males under 10 (James 2, Samuel 9, William 10, and poss. Elizabeth’s son William ca. 6)
3 males 16 thru 25 (George 16, John 21, Henry 21, Jacob 24)
2 males 45 and over (Henry 45 & poss. James Compton, husband of Elizabeth)
2 females under 5 (Nancy 4, Rachel 6)
1 female 10 thru 15 (Mary 8)
3 females 16 thru 25 (Catherine 15, Barbara 18, Elizabeth 23)
2 females 45 and over  (Catherine 42 & unknown)
Number of Household Members Under 16: 7
Number of Household Members Over 25: 4
Number of Household Members: 17

1810 U.S. Federal Census [courtesy of Ancestry] [8]
It is interesting to note the pre-1850 census listings were all in alphabetical order except for 1810 which was recorded by visit. Living next door to Henry RUPE was his nephew Jacob WEAVER, his wife, son, mother and siblings. Jacob’s father George was enumerated in Salisbury, Stokes County, North Carolina, in 1800[9] and died before 1810 either in North Carolina or after moving to Montgomery County. The RUPE and WEAVER families were sandwiched in between Austin AKERS and Northrup FULLER who shared land lines with Henry as seen in the 1809 land grant description.[10]

Henry and Catherine’s oldest daughter Elizabeth is believed to have married about 1803 however a marriage record has not been found. I am no longer sure this is the case and will have to do further research before I write about Elizabeth. After her father’s death she would be seen as Elizabeth COMPTON or CUMPTON when she sold her part of her father’s estate on 14 June 1851.[11]

In Henry’s household in 1810 all of his children are accounted for. Extras in the household are a man and a woman in the same age bracket as Henry and Catherine as well a a young male under 10 years old. James COMPTON who is believed to have been the husband of Elizabeth was not found in 1810. Could he have been included as the male over 45 in this listing? Is the young male Elizabeth’s son? Unless there are COMPTON descendants who already know the answers, these questions may only be answered by a new round of fact-finding.

Chances are Catherine was pregnant in August 1810 when the census was taken. She was 43 years old when she gave birth to her 14th child, a son Joseph, born about 1811.[12] Joseph would remain the youngest of the RUPE brood. Catherine had spent the last twenty-five years bearing children and these days were finally over. Henry and Catherine saw all fourteen children grow to maturity. A bit unusual for the times and shows they took great care of their family.

No evidence has been found of any of Henry RUPE’s older sons serving during the War of 1812 (18 Jun 1812-24 Dec 1814). Jacob, the twins John and Henry, and George would have been old enough being between 26 and 18 years of age. Instead of going to war the older children began to marry.

  • John RUPE married Elizabeth THOMPSON (1795-1870) on 14 January 1813[13]
  • Jacob ROOP married Susannah ALLEY (1790-1860) on 15 Apr 1815[14]
  • Catherine “Caty” RUPE married Jacob AKERS (1775-1860) on 27 June 1815[15]
  • George RUPE married Margaret BALDWIN (1800-1839) on 5 December 1818
  • William RUPE married Ester AKERS (1802-1846) on 7 June 1820[17]

They were all married in Montgomery County, except for George who married in Jefferson County, Tennessee. Redmond Ira ROOP, in his 1927 reunion speech, told of George’s learning the hatter’s trade in Christiansburg. Among those who worked by his side was the famous Col. David CROCKETT of Tennessee, who became stranded in Christiansburg in 1802 on his way home from Baltimore, where he had gone with a cattle drive. George RUPE followed David CROCKETT to Tennessee about 1815.[18]

Less than a week after Henry purchased 46 acres[19] from his nephew Jacob WEAVER the 1820 census was taken on 7 August 1820.[20] One little line of “chicken scratch” and this is what comes out of it:

1820 U.S. Federal Census [courtesy of Ancestry] [20]
1820 U.S. Federal Census
Montgomery County, Virginia
Newburn Township
Henry Roop Sr.
Enumeration Date: August 7, 1820
2 males under 10 (Joseph 9 and George 5, s/o Barbara)
1 male 10 thru 15 (James 12)
1 male 16 thru 18 (Samuel 18)
1 male 16 thru 25 (Samuel 18)
1 male 26 thru 44 (Henry Jr. 31)
1 male 45 and over (Henry Sr. 55)
1 female under 10 (Barbary 2, d/o Mary)
1 female 10 thru 15 (Nancy 14)
3 females 16 thru 25 (Rachel 16, Mary 18, Barbara 28)
1 female 45 and over : (Catherine 52)
Number of Persons – Engaged in Agriculture: 3 (Henry Sr., Henry Jr., Samuel)
Free White Persons – Under 16: 5
Free White Persons – Over 25: 3
Total Free White Persons: 12
Total All Persons – White, Slaves, Colored, Other: 12

You may ask, why are we seeing children of the daughters Barbara and Mary and no husbands. By 1820 six of the fourteen children were married and had their own households. The second oldest daughter Barbara had a son, was not married, and lived with her parents.

Montgomery County (to wit)
The examination of Barbary Roop of sd County single woman Taken upon oath before me E. Howard one of the commonwealth Justices for the County afforesaid this 25 Day of July 1816 who saith that on the 20th day of Novr last past in the county afforesaid she the sd Barbary Roop was Delivered of a Male Baster Child and that the said Bastard Child is Likely to become Chargeable to the County and that George Peterman of the sd County did git her with child of the sd Bastard Child.
Taken and signed the Day
and year above written before me.
E. Howard                 Barbary her X mark Roop[21]

Mary, the next oldest unmarried daughter living at home, had an illegitimate daughter in 1819. The father was allegedly Isom DOBBINS.[22]

Before the next marriage could take place in the family Henry Jr. was fined $16.13 on 3 October 1822 for bastardy.[23]

The Commonwealth of Virginia, to the Sheriff of Montgomery County Greeting:
We command You, that of the Goods and Chattels of Henry Roope
lat is your bailiwick, you cause to be made the sum of Sixteen Dollars and thirteen cents which the overseers of the poor late before the Justices of our Court of Montgomery County have against him for costs of recognizance for bastardy in that behalf expended, whereof the said Roope is convict as appears to us of record; and that you have the same before the Justices of our said Court, at the Court-House on the 1st Tuesday in November next, to render unto the said overseers f the costs aforesaid, And have then there this writ. Witness Charles Taylor, Clerk of our Court at the Court-House the 3rd day of October 1822 in the 47th year of the Commonwealth.
Charles Taylor[23]

The notice does not mention the child or the mother of the child. Eight months later, at the age of 34, he married 18 years old Mary “Polly” THOMPSON (1802-1880) on 7 June 1823 in Montgomery County[24]. Henry’s twin brother John had married Polly’s sister Elizabeth ten years earlier.

Henry and Catherine’s youngest daughter Rachel married John B. PHARIS (1797-1864) on 20 October 1823 in Montgomery County.[25]

When the census was taken on 1 June 1830[26] Henry was 65 years old and Catherine 62. In their household were three unmarried daughters, Barbara, Mary, and Nancy, with their eight illegitimate children; three sons, and an unknown female in the 30 thru 39 age group.

1830 U.S. Federal Census
Montgomery County, Virginia
Blacksburg, Enumerated by John R. Charlton, page 89
Henry Roope Sr.
3 males under 5 (grandsons: Byrd 3, s/o Barbara; Henry 4, s/o Mary; and James R. 4, s/o Mary)
1 male 5 thru 9 (grandson Crockett 7, s/o Mary)
1 male 10 thru 14 (grandson George 15, s/o Barbara)
1 male 15 thru 19 (Joseph 19)
2 males 20 thru 29 (James 23, Samuel 29)
1 male 60 thru 69 (Henry 65)
2 females 5 thru 9  (granddaughters: Susan 7, d/o Barbara, and Elizabeth 7, d/o Mary)
1 female 10 thru 14 (granddaughter Barbary 12, d/o Mary)
2 females 20 thru 29 (Mary 28, Nancy 24)
2 females 30 thru 39 (Barbara 38, unknown)
1 female 60 thru 69 (Catherine 62)
Free White Persons – Under 20: 9
Free White Persons – 20 thru 49: 8
Total Free White Persons: 17
Total – All Persons (Free White, Slaves, Free Colored): 17

1830 U.S. Federal Census [courtesy of Ancestry] [26]
This screenshot of the census for Henry Sr., Henry Jr., Jacob, William, and John shows 52 persons in 5 households. Missing in the count are three daughters, Elizabeth (believed to be married to James COMPTON with 2 children, a 3rd already married), Caty with 8 children, Rachel with 3 children, and son George who was in Wayne County, Indiana, with 4 children. This brings the grand total up to 78 persons in the family including in-laws. No wonder cousin Everette McGrew wrote:

They were Whigs, but never owned slaves, the family being so large and able bodied that they had little use for them, and for the further reason that there were few slaveowners in that immediate locality.[27]

As for their being Whigs, I cannot find anything to support this statement. The Whig Party was formed in 1833 and dissolved in 1854. I believe Everette may have used the term in a more broad sense indicating they were opposed to tyranny as were the American Whigs who fought for independence in 1776.

During the first half of the 1830s the three youngest sons married in Montgomery County.

  • James “Jimmie” ROOP married Elizabeth CARROLL (1808-1880) on 23 July 1830[28]
  • Joseph ROOP married Mary “Polly” CARROLL (1809-1909) on 13 Sep 1831[29]
  • Samuel ROOP married Martha “Patsy” TOWNSLEY (1815-1870) on 7 January 1834[30]

On 1 June 1840[31] when the census was enumerated Henry was 75 years old and head of a household which included his 72 years old wife Catherine, his youngest son Joseph with his wife and their four children, and his unmarried daughter Nancy and two of her three sons. His other two unmarried daughters as well as his married children had their own households in Montgomery County with the exception of the twins John and Henry Jr. who were in Pulaski County, formed in 1839 from parts of Montgomery and Wythe counties.

1840 U.S. Federal Census [courtesy of Ancestry] [31]
1840 U.S. Federal Census
Montgomery County, Virginia
Page 26
Henry Rupe
2 males under 5 yo (grandsons: Martin 2, s/o Joseph, and Lindsay Crockett 1, s/o Nancy)
2 males 5 & under 10 yo (Bluford 6, s/o Joseph, and Asa G. 7, s/o Nancy)
1 male 20 & under 30 yo (Joseph 29)
1 male 70 & under 80 yo (Henry 75)
1 female under 5 yo (Malinda 4, d/o Joseph)
1 female 5 & under 10 yo (Mary Jane 8, d/o Joseph)
2 females 20 & under 30 yo (Nancy 34 and Joseph’s wife Mary 31)
1 female 70 & under 80 yo (Catherine 72)
11 persons in household
2 persons engaged in agriculture

wheelofmillHenry RUPE and his family toiled hard on the land he bought. They owned and worked several grist mills, timbered and farmed the land, as their livelihood. Henry left fourteen children when he died in 1845. They gave him 94 grandchildren during his lifetime – only two of these did not live long enough to be named. Eighteen more grandchildren were born before his widow Catherine passed away. The last two grandchildren were born after her death bringing the total to 114. Ninety-two of these grandchildren carried the RUPE or ROOP surname while only 22 carried a different surname than their grandfather.

Did Henry RUPE leave a will with the names of his children? Did he wish for his property to be divided and how? The answers to these questions as well as the  source of the name “Old Henry Roop Place” will be revealed in the next installment.


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Genealogy Sketch

Name: Henrich “Henry” RUPE Sr.
Parents: Johann Jacob RUPP and Maria Barbara NONNENMACHER
Spouse: Catherine Barbara NOLL
Parents of spouseJohan Anton “Anthony” NOLL and Maria Magdalena BRENTEL
Whereabouts: Baltimore MD, Rockbridge VA, Montgomery VA
Relationship to Cathy Meder-Dempsey: 5th great-grandfather

  1. Henrich “Henry” RUPE Sr.
  2. James ROOP
  3. Gordon H. ROOP
  4. Gordon Washington ROOP
  5. Walter Farmer ROOP
  6. Myrtle Hazel ROOP
  7. Fred Roosevelt Dempsey
  8. Cathy Meder-Dempsey

© 2016, copyright Cathy Meder-Dempsey. All rights reserved.

Author: Cathy Meder-Dempsey

When I’m not doing genealogy and blogging, I spend time riding my racing bike with my husband through the wonderful Luxembourg countryside.

9 thoughts on “Henry RUPE and Catherine Barbara NOLL ~ Family Life in Montgomery County, Virginia”

  1. Fourteen children? I could barely manage two. And 94 grandchildren!! They’re must have been more than one birthday to celebrate every week. Unimaginable. It’s also remarkable that 14 children survived to adulthood in those times.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is remarkable so many lived to adulthood but I wonder if there may have been a child or two who may not have made it. It seems strange she had 7 in the last 11 years but only 3 in the previous 10 year period. But then maybe Henry was not at home the entire time they lived in Rockbridge. I hope more records will come to light to answer this and other questions. Thank you Amy.

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  2. Your stories are always so meticulously detailed, and your sources perfectly outlined. I feel very lazy about my own writing when I read yours 🙂 Continuing to read the ongoing adventures of the Roop/Rupe/etc. Family.


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